Meet Alex Lebron Torrent: Saxophonist From Barcelona Who Has Gone Viral While Inspiring The World

Alex lebron torrent BELatina
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The world is changing. There’s no denying it. Many of us are now living in a society where our actions are being closely observed. People are paying mind to who’s coughing, practicing social distancing, and sanitizing their hands properly. Not abiding by these guidelines may cause someone to feel the ardent wrath of vigilant onlookers. As it should be. The survival of many depends on our cooperation. 

Various cities and countries have started to implement stricter regulations regarding the safety of their community. Slowly but surely, the rushed steps that once grazed lively streets have vanished and been packed away. Despite how monotonous life has become, people have found ways to spread positivity. This is something Alex Lebron Torrent can attest to. 

Born in Colombia and raised in Sweden, Alex Lebron Torrent has been breaking the internet in the last few days. He is the saxophonist who has recently become viral alongside the reputable pianist, Alberto Gestoso . Though everyone around them was quarantined, they spontaneously performed from their balconies in Barcelona, Spain. This allowed them to boost the morale of many people around the world, including  their neighbors. 

As they played Celine Dion’s hit, “My Heart Will Go On,” their neighbors waved their arms in approval while cheering them on. This moment, which has been witnessed by many, may serve as a reminder to everyone that we will all get through this together. 


Feeling inspired by these talented musicians, BELatina reached out to them. We were able to speak to Alex Lebron Torrent. This is what he had to say: 

How does it feel knowing that so many around the world have enjoyed your music in the last few days? 

It’s been so humbling to see the development of this the last few days. People keep telling me that they’ve appreciated what we have done and that is so amazing. Now that it’s been a couple days since the viral video spread, I started to realize how much this means to people. This makes me so happy to know that [music] brings people together from all over the place, of all ages, and creeds.

Did you guys think you would go viral?

No, not at all. I was actually just talking about that. I just participated in another interview with a guy from New York and he thought the same thing. In reality, we just filmed it because we wanted the moment. We knew others were filming it,  but neither of us knew that others had filmed it as well as they had. It has been an amazing surprise for us. 

How long have you guys been quarantined in Barcelona?

We are two weeks into it. Although I just heard that we are getting at least 15 more days of quarantine. 

Oh, wow. Why is that?

The numbers of cases are going up. Also, there has been a surge in deaths in the hospital for the elders. It’s really scary. 

Are people in Barcelona taking this situation seriously?

I think they are starting. Things are changing for people right now because curfews have been elevated. But we still have people who are gathering and basically having parties. Some even think it’s a hoax. Slowly but surely, the public is waking up, but there’s still a big part that chooses not to. 

How does that make you feel?

There’ve been reported deaths for people in my age group, which is between 20s and 30s. This is affecting everyone. When you watch the experts, they all say the same thing: We are in the beginning. All I know is that it’s for the best that we all stay inside at the moment. At the end of the day, I don’t know much about it. I’m just trying to make the best out of this situation with my instruments until this passes.

Can we expect any more future performances from you? 

After this incredible response we’ve gotten from all over the world, I’m now starting to open up to live streaming. I hadn’t done it so much before. Now people are asking me to perform and share it with them. For me, it’s just goofing around with my music, but I’ve noticed that it gives people so much out there in the world. So, why not do it more now that I have that time? Besides, even if you don’t know what to feel, people can always count on music. Whether you’re happy, sad, or whatever you’re feeling, music always provides some sort of connection. 

We are all trying to learn how to navigate through this historical moment. It may seem like it’s taking us a while, but people like Alex Torrent are giving us some sense of hope. I’m optimistic that their performance will encourage others to use their talents to entertain the world in the near future.

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