How to Meet New People in College While Staying on Track

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Did you know that more than 4 out of 10 Latino students (44 percent) are the first in their families to go to college?

This data from Excelencia in Education is not only accurate but reflects what many of us have experienced in our homes: staying on track is non-negotiable.

The reality is that for many Latinos, graduating from college is their family’s lifeline. But the pressure to excel is sometimes too overwhelming, and it brings loneliness and anxiety, especially when considering expenses.

Have you seen the price of college textbooks lately? It’s wild out there!

Still, this shouldn’t deter anyone from making their college experience the best it can be – and there are ways to do this. 

Finding your community

From stumbling upon the perfect study group, extracurricular activities, participating in local events, or other events, there are many opportunities where you can vibe with other like-minded people.

Yes, finding your way through your community — which may include romantic connections — can be difficult. However, there are already things in place to facilitate this process. 

Chispa App, for example, can bridge the gap between meeting new people while staying on track with your academic goals. 

Chispa is the number 1 dating app made for the Latinx community, and it creates a hangout space for U.S.-based Latinos to connect on their shared background, values, and the bicultural experience. 

Besides, our sense of community is in our roots, and these connections will fit like a ring. In other words: it’s made just for you. 

Honestly, meeting new people has never been easier, and it’s all thanks to Chispa. So, say goodbye to studying alone!

There’s, without a doubt, nothing better than learning with someone who understands you to the core. And it helps if they’re fun and make study sessions enjoyable! 

Thriving in college with someone else is quite special 

The benefits of having someone by your side as you go through college are grand. It can even help you reduce the costs associated with your situation. Think of splitting bills, sharing expenses, and informing each other of educational programs tailored to help you reduce costs – all of this is helpful in the long run.  

Starting the process of meeting new people can be as simple as logging into your free Chispa App. In fact, it’s the perfect moment to find your community, considering there will be a lucky person among your amazing Chispa contenders who will win a sweepstake. 

Chispa is giving three lucky winners the opportunity to win $500 for college textbooks. Who knows, it can be you!

Winning these $500 may help lessen some of your financial burdens and, in turn, free up your time to meet more people. 

Chispa is the place where you can connect with others like you while being your authentic self and celebrating your Latino culture. Surely, explaining your inside jokes or cultural references will be a thing of the past after you meet someone from Chispa. 

Let this upcoming college semester be one to remember! You deserve to enjoy yourself and be successful all at the same time.

To meet people who, like you, celebrate their roots, and to participate in the sweepstakes, log into Chispa.

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