Ten Miners Are Still Trapped In A Flooded Coal Mine In Mexico

Ten Miners Are Still Trapped In A Flooded Coal Mine In Mexico belatina latine
Credit: BELatina News

It’s been almost a week since ten miners were trapped in the Coahuila state of Mexico. The tragedy happened on August 3rd when a wall collapsed in the tunnel that they were working on. This caused the adjoining chamber to burst into three “shafts,” causing a flood. To this day, it has been impossible to escape from.

According to the BBC, the flooding is too dangerous for rescuers to enter the area.

However, the community is helping. 

One thing about the Latino community is that they will help whenever possible. And this time is no different. Media reports show there are about 400 people helping on-site to free the trapped men.

It appears to be a statewide effort. The same source says that on Sunday (August 7th), Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, visited the location and asked for more help. “We have to do everything we are doing, and more,” he told the community.

But the community is getting desperate and is looking for any type of help to further the rescue process. Could you imagine not knowing a loved one’s health status, and worse – not being able to do anything about it?

During the weekend, it was reported that the country was to send an aquatic drone to capture photos of what was going on in the area. Per the National Civil Defense coordinator, this would help determine if authorities could then send in divers without it being too much of a risk.

Unfortunately, the efforts were unsuccessful. “Coahuila Governor Miguel Riquelme said water levels were still too high” for divers to safely enter, Reuters reported.

The original collapse put a total of 15 miners in danger. Luckily, five of them were able to escape. As of now, reports say there’s been no communication with the other ten. 

Let’s hope that the remaining ten get out safe and sound.

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