#FIAP2022 becomes the first advertising festival to present awards in NFT format

— 'FIAP continues to lead the way, always adding value to its award and promoting the media industry', said Daniel Marcet —

MIAMI, FL — August 31, 2022 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — The Ibero-American Festival of Creativity, FIAP, continues to innovate. In this 2022 edition, it will become the first advertising festival in the world to deliver its awards in NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) format, that is, certificates in the blockchain.

Daniel Marcet, CEO of FIAP, highlighted the importance of this novelty in events where advertising creativity test its strength. "An innovation that, without a doubt, will be adopted by other festivals and that is very good. Especially since it means that FIAP continues to lead the way, always adding value to its prize and promoting the media industry", he said.

Carnaval.Art, the first NFT marketplace of Ibero-American Artists secured By Bitcoin, will be the partner of #FIAP2022 to develop the initiative.

This is an extra benefit that the winning entries will receive, in addition to the well-known physical trophy awarded by the festival.

For Marcet, the main advantage of NFTs is their reliability. "Blockchain technology allows knowing the complete origins of the winning pieces and their authors, certifying unequivocally their authorship and originality," he pointed out.

He explained that this innovation will mean that each one that appears on the registration form as a festival winner, whether is a Grand Prix, Gold, Silver or Bronze, will receive their own NFT, unique and non-transferable, "in addition to being showcased on the FIAP website and to enjoy important advantages from the creation of a community of winners".

About FIAP

The Ibero-American Festival of Creativity, FIAP, reaches its 51st edition to continue recognizing creativity in all advertising formats in Ibero-America. Last year, the festival ushered in a new era based on excellence and innovation. In partnership with PRODU, the leading provider of information for the Spanish-speaking entertainment, advertising, and technology industry, they bring a new concept: recognizing excellence in ideas that transform, inspire, elevate and excite audiences in the region and beyond.

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