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Abortion Right Belatina

Texas Takes Advantage of the Coronavirus Epidemic to Impose More Restrictions on Abortion

Just as the White House saw the opportunity in the coronavirus epidemic to close the nation’s borders, other conservative states have seen an ideal...
Jenny Polanco covid 19 belatina

Jenny Polanco Is the First Latino Celebrity to Die From Coronavirus

In an epidemic where the dead are no longer just a figure, talking about a victim with a first and last name may be...

Social Media Campaign Seeks to Help Domestic Workers Cope With Coronavirus Pandemic

If COVID-19 has changed anything in the country, it has been our perception of work, courage, and where the driving force of our economy...
J Balvin Takashi Murakami BELatina

J Balvin and Takashi Murakami Help Families and Children in Confinement

Against the skepticism of many — and the stubbornness of others — specialists in epidemiology and the World Health Organization have insisted on the...
Red Cross BELatina Latinx

Giving Back When It Matters Most: How to Help on Red Cross Giving Day...

On any average year, it’s essential for those who can to give back and help others in need. March 25th is a day to...
Feature BELaVoz BELatina

BELaVoz de América: Coronavirus Edition

As the cases of COVID-19 rapidly increase in the United States, BELatina News will be documenting how this unprecedented pandemic is affecting people. We...
BELatina Virtual Concert monsieur perine

The Recent Surge of Virtual Concerts Create a Sense of Community and Monsieur Periné...

Without almost any warning, our everyday lives have become dictated by a soulless microorganism. Though this virus may be eons away from harming many...
Belatina Home School

Covfefe-19 Quarantine Homeschool Diaries: In Week 1, Keeping Calm Is the Best Lesson

Human beings learn how to work around things and cope, so this is neither a rant nor complaint; rather, it is a dilated moment...
ICE Coronavirus Covid 19 Social Distancing

Three Key Aspects of the Effect of the Coronavirus on Immigration

The slow action of the Donald Trump government in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has given room for improvisation, by civilians and government agencies...
Home School BELatina

Latinas in the Publishing Industry Do Their Part in Homeschooling During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in all areas of daily life. But it has also exposed the resilience and capacity of social networks...
Irene Bosch BELatina Latinx

Meet Irene Bosch, the Venezuelan Scientist Who Could Get a Rapid Test for the...

One of the most serious issues with the arrival of the coronavirus in the United States has been the lack of promptness in implementing...
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez BELatina Latinx

AOC on Coronavirus: “We Need to Help Vulnerable People”

If there is anyone who understands the effect that government policies have on the most vulnerable, it is Bronx representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Whether it's proposing...