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Chocquibtown BELatina Latinx

Chocquibtown, the Voice of Afro-Colombian Identity

Urban music trio Chocquibtown rose to international fame in 2010 after winning a Latin Grammy Award for their song "De donde vengo yo," an...
Code-switching BELatina Latinx

Languages and Identity, the Risk of Code-switching

Speaking more than one language is not only an admirable skill — it is also a source of frustration, especially in communities like the...
Flaunt Our Accent BELatina Latinx

It’s Time to Flaunt Our Accent, and Take Pride in Our Identity

On a recent trip to Palm Beach, Florida, I enjoyed a night out with a few locals. One of the women in the crowd...
Botanicas Diaspora BELatina Latinx

Botanicas and the Afro-Latino Diaspora, a Pillar of History and Identity

Growing up, the visual of an altar was normal in our household — tall candles in different colors, burning sage, saints statues, and offerings...
Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan Controversy BeLatina Latinx

The Bannan Controversy of Latina Identity and Appropriation

Identifying as Latino can mean a variety of cultures, countries, and colors. People ask who is a real Latino, and, to be completely honest,...
Red Lipstick Attack BeLatina Latinx

Latina Identity and The Politics of Red Lipstick

"If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack." - Coco Chanel   I wear lipstick under my mask. Red. It’s partly because, in the past, I didn’t...
Mexican American Identity BeLatina Latinx

Mexican or American? Reflections on Identity

What does it mean to be "Mexican American"? How does one identify a person whose life is crossed by the idea of a border? While...
American Flag Identity BeLatina Latinx

Our Flag’s Identity Crisis: Pride and Embarrassment in Flux

It's no longer “stars and stripes and everything nice.” The American flag has acquired some major baggage in these last four years. The happily waving...
Clotilde Jimenez BeLatina Latinx

Meet Clotilde Jimenez: The Afro-Latinx Artist Using Art to Explore Identity

Meet Clotilde Jiménez, an artist who possesses the kind of magical uniqueness that can only exist when true passion is matched by creativity and...
West Orange Arts BeLatina Latinx

The West Orange Arts Center Presents ‘Visions of Identity’, a Celebration of Hispanic Culture

The COVID pandemic has taken away our sense of normalcy, the country's economic stability, and cultural spaces. No, the virus has not been defeated, nor...
sexual identity BELatina

A Conversation With Your Prima: Exploring Your Sexual Identity Without Feeling Shame

Most of us grow up thinking that talking about anything relating to sex or sexual identity is forbidden. We are only told that we...
Not Latina enough BELatina Latinx

How to Be Latino Enough: Embracing Your Unique Latinx Identity

While Cher once proclaimed she was strong enough, it’s alright to admit we may not feel Latinx enough at times, especially in the eyes...