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Sure, the Kardashians have become a household name, but if you’re a go-getting millennial woman who thinks out of the box it’s likely you’ll begin to follow the Carcaches instead. One day the visionary sister duo Melissa and Stephanie Carcache decided to ditch the entertainment industry to create a more meaningful multimedia company that would speak candidly about both the successes and failures of their generation. Currently, they’re making a name for themselves touring around the country with the traveling podcast Millennial Women Talk, where Melisa and Stephanie sit down with innovative young women to uncover the challenges they face in order to try to solve them together.  

“Our generation wants to be a part of a community that can truly support them,” Melissa Carcache to Forbes magazine. “Life is beautiful but also really hard and having my sister has been the biggest blessing in which I never truly felt alone but we are aware there are women who don’t have that and we want to be that for them.” 

Born in Miami to Cuban immigrant parents, they always knew the importance of not only the hustle, but of the family support they were lucky to have. And being children of immigrants they had seen their parents fail and reinvent themselves time again. When they left the family nest to move to Los Angeles, Stephanie pursued a career in singing and Melissa in acting. While they were both out there seeking those big breaks that never came, they shared a one-bedroom, one bath apartment in The Valley of Los Angeles, which eventually became their think-tank for their joint-media venture. Through Millennial Women started as a television series idea called Millennial Girls that never was picked up, it wasn’t until they switched to audio form that they started seeing success with the podcast and with audience growth. 

If you peruse their website, you can find a recent podcast where Stephanie and Melissa interview former Access Hollywood television personality Liz Hernandez, who launched “Wordaful,” a moving program which helps people to become more mindful about their language and how they communicate. You can also read articles like “How to Overcome Your Quarter Life Crisis” and an interview with Kati Schmitt, the creator of the dating app Piña Colada on how to thrive as a women in tech in Silicon Valley. 

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But it wasn’t simply a walk in the park to get to this point, there were plenty of laborious freelance jobs on the side to achieve this dream goal of theirs. “There’s been a lot of different side hustles my sister and I have had to take on in order to face the reality of things financially,” points out Stephanie Carcache in Forbes. “We never question putting in our own money as Millennial Women is our passion project turned life’s purpose, but as the company is growing along with our community of millennial women, we are beginning to partner with other brands that align with our core message and values in the form of sponsorships and branded content which is exciting.”

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For Millennials who grew up on Disney and social media, life can sometimes seem utterly disappointing since they’re used to happy endings and success stories. Making the Millennial woman feel seen and understood on their journey to finding themselves is the Carcaches purpose. Like their audience, they know it’s hard to keep the work-life balance when you are ambitious, don’t have the resources, and want to do it all. They want them to feel comfortable with the F-word; failure, that is. They want them to know that failure is a hundred times more common in every life than one success. They want these women to embrace it. For them, failure means something exciting is coming. Because in order for something to come together, something has to fall apart first.

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