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Police guard the governor’s mansion entrance on 14 July 2019 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Photograph: Jose Jimenez/Getty Images

In Puerto Rico, 2020 arrived with a series of earthquakes that shook the island, a fitting beginning to what would be a very tough year and the end to a year that changed Puerto Rico’s history.

It saw the ouster of an entitled and corrupt administration, the self-immolation of a millennial governor (Ricardo Rossello) via a chat group, and the awakening of the Puerto Rican people to the power of social protest and of their voice. Disillusion gave way to people’s power, young voices, and hope for change in 2020.

BELatina News was there during the transformative protests of the summer of 2019 and continues to be there for Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans during the COVID-19 pandemic – giving a visible platform to the diverse voices of the archipelago – and strengthening those Latinx voices, especially those of women, heard loud and clear last summer. Gofundme Latina BELatina

BELatina News is a group of like-minded women of all ages who came together to give women in the Latinx community a voice. We are a platform that centers contemporary Latinx narratives to engage with the timeless themes that shape our lives, including culture, the arts, wellness, politics, identity, beauty, and parenting. BELatina’s diverse team of writers reflect a refreshing curiosity and thoughtful worldview that is unique in the media landscape. Very few people speak to Puerto Rican Latinx women as we do – because we amplify their voices – we do not substitute them. 

In today’s media landscape – there are so many voices talking all at once, but very few of these voices are Puerto Rican or carry the island’s narrative. BELatina News is one of the only conduits for the latter. BeLatna nurtures, sustains, and amplifies the Puerto Rican Latinx voices of women – because they are the future and we need to listen. 

As 2020 brings us closer to an election in November, the events of the summer of 2019 in Puerto Rico stand as the hope that those that took to the streets will return to the ballot box and elect a new cadre of leaders that will fulfill the desires of a younger generation that wants change and is unafraid to hold those in power accountable. BELatina was there for the stunning street protests and we will be there for the run up to the elections and on election day and after. Our commitment to the people of Puerto Rico and their story is not a “now” thing – it has been always.

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