Residente is Co-Writing a Historical Drama Named ‘Porto Rico’ Based on Águila Blanca’s Life

Residente is Co-Writing a Historical Drama Named ‘Porto Rico’ Based on Águila Blanca’s Life
By Secretaría de Cultura CDMX -, CC BY 2.0

René Pérez Joglar, who is popularly known as Residente, is letting his creative juices flow through his screenwriting skills. The Puerto Rican artist is now co-writing a historical drama named Porto Rico and he’s teamed up with Academy Award-winner filmmaker, Alexander Dinelaris.  

As reported by Deadline, Porto Rico is set in the late 19th century and will portray José Maldonado Román’s life (also known as Águila Blanca). For Puerto Ricans, Maldonado Román represents someone who was opposed to colonization and who tried to protect Puerto Rico’s identity. According to historical documents, during his quest against colonialism, he led a gang of outlaws.  

‘Porto Rico’ will showcase an important Puerto Rican story

Both Residente and Dinelaris share Puerto Rican ancestry and feel a cultural connection to La Isla del Encanto.  

“When Rene and I were introduced, I knew about him but wasn’t familiar with his body of work. When he sent me a treatment of his idea for Porto Rico, I was immediately hooked,” Dinelaris said in an official statement. 

René took to his Instagram to announce his new project. We translated what he wrote in his caption from Spanish to English. Keep in mind that this is a rough translation.  

“In June of last year, I started writing my first film alongside Alex [Dinelaris], who besides winning an Oscar, wrote “Birdman,” one of my favorite scripts. Also, I had the pleasure of writing alongside the Cabezudos de Spain brothers whom I admire a lot. I’ve been locked up writing for a long time but for those who are waiting for new music, I tell you that right now I bring out everything I’ve been working on during these years.  

The Puerto Rican artist and activist continued by saying that he’s “doing a lot of things and even though I don’t document them on social media they are happening.” 

As per Deadline, Porto Rico will be the first film from 1868 Studios, a multi-year joint venture between Residente and Sony Music Entertainment’s Premium Content Division. 

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