Summer Scheming: 6 Surprising Places in Latin America to Visit This Year

Credit: BELatina/BrandStar

We get it: you’re bored of the same old vacation getaways and looking for a trip that both sparks your imagination and your sense of adventure. Whether you’re a backpacker seeking hard-to-reach places or simply looking to relax on a white sandy beach, traveling to an exciting new country can be the change you’ve been looking for.

Not sure where to go? With its festive cultures and dazzling sceneries, Latin America is full of surprising destinations that will keep your FOMO at bay. Take a stroll through Chile’s colonial neighborhoods or hike up a 600-year-old Incan empire in Peru. We’ve rounded up six of the top places you need to visit this summer.

5Cali, Colombia

Cali Colombia Summer Travel

From its vibrant salsa rhythms to its scenic architecture, Cali inspires festiveness. As one of the three largest cities in the country, it’s easy to become entranced by its combination of colonial buildings and contemporary art.