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Frida Kahlo Cultural Appropriation BELatina Latinx

Frida Kahlo and the Fetishization of ‘Indigenism,’ a Lingering Question

Frida Kahlo is as immortal a name as Homer. In spite of having lived through a decisive period in the history of the world,...

Rage Baking, Another Literary Controversy About Cultural Appropriation

If you've never heard of Rage Baking, you're not alone. Tangerine Jones' initiative to drain frustration while asserting the rights and position of women...

Can Someone Please Explain What’s Up with the Japanese Mariachis?

There’s no question about it: conversations about whether something is cultural appreciation/sharing or cultural appropriation are ongoing and can be confusing to some. The...

Cultural Conundrum: The Fine Line Between Appropriation and Homage

When the conversation of cultural appropriation comes up, many of us often find it difficult to differentiate between appropriation, homage, and or appreciation. Perhaps...