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How Indigenous Communities Have Influenced Our Language

Our language bears witness to our history in the same way our bodies bear witness to our ancestry. While there may be traits whose...

How Indigenous Communities Have Protected the Earth

Indigenous communities are Earth's wisest guardians. This is true because the land is more than just the ground beneath their feet, and it's certainly...

The Disastrous Impact of COVID on Native American Communities

As we near a whole year since the pandemic started in the United States, the nation continues to grapple with deaths, cases, and variants....

The Negative Implications of COVID and Indigenous People’s Language

Time and research continue to prove that minority groups have been the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Indigenous communities have had a...

Between Pandemic and Deforestation, Brazilian Amazon Indigenous Tribes Are Being Exterminated

While Brazil ranks as one of the countries with the highest number of confirmed deaths by COVID-19 in the world — around 50,000 —...

A Tragic Epidemic of Violence in Nicaragua

In a world where the victims are only a number, tragedies often go unnoticed by the international eye. But the murder of around four indigenous...