The “Tweet like a Latina” Twitter Thread Is Problematic – Here’s Why

The “Tweet like a Latina” Twitter Thread Is Problematic – Here’s Why belatina latine
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Twitter is a place for any type of commentary and where people can exercise their right to freedom of speech. It contains a plethora of information for anything you can imagine. Need an entertainment source? Or a news source? Twitter’s got the latest updates. But being a free and unfiltered writing source comes with its own challenges.

On July 31, a degrading Twitter thread (note: contains explicit words) surfaced called “Tweet like a Latina.” As a Latina reading the thread, I thought two things. First of all, I get it – it’s the Internet. People have opinions, y cada quien. But my second thought was, “how degrading – how nasty.”  Do people actually perceive Latinas like this in 2022? Is this for real?

The gist of the social media thread was to tweet “like a Latina.” People might’ve thought it was all fun and games, but in reality, their quote replies show their prejudice against our culture.

Based on that condescending Twitter thread, Latinas are still being stereotyped as hypersexual beings. I’m not saying that hypersexuality is a negative thing. However, when people start taking it to a next level of degradation, that’s where I draw a line.

One of the most popular tweets on this thread has garnered over nine thousand likes and one thousand retweets. It’s a photo of a Starbucks coffee, sandwich, and a Plan B pill, captioned with “Breakfast.” Is that really what people think of Latinas? You’re kidding me.

Another Twitter user wrote: “sex car sex shower sex quickie sex sex between friends makeup sex angry sex sex at the movies phone sex e-sex cuddling in the rain then sex sneaky link sex,” exaggerating the sexuality of Latinas. Y’all see the problem?

That’s not all that’s wrong with the thread though. Racism is also a huge part of how other communities see Latinas. If you look through the thread, you see that many point out that Latinas frequently use the “n-word.”

In a quoted tweet, a Twitter user wrote: “As a Latino, I apologize for the racism in my community. Seeing the quotes [quote replies] embarrassed me.”

Unfortunately, racism isn’t new in our community. And if the aforementioned is true in your social circle, then that’s something you should openly speak about with your people. (Or change social circles.)

Ultimately, the “Tweet like a Latina” thread is both alarming and ignorant. But, at the end of the day, what people say about others says a lot more about them.

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