Unmasking the Power of Accountability: Media Company, ‘Girlboss,’ Apologizes to Rachel Zegler

Unmasking the Power of Accountability: The Media Company, ‘Girlboss,’ Apologizes to Rachel Zegler
Credit: Instagram/ @Rachelzegler

Take a bite out of this apple: There is more controversy surrounding Latina actress Rachel Zegler. However, this time around she received an apology for things said about her. 

As you all may already know, the talented actress, who has Colombian and Polish roots and garnered attention with her breakout performance in Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story,” seemed poised to step into the shoes of the beloved princess. However, recent remarks made by Zegler have ignited a wave of criticism, raising questions about the intersection of celebrity and responsibility. 

Zegler’s casting as Snow White initially generated excitement among fans and industry insiders alike. Her fresh perspective and undeniable talent promised to infuse the classic fairy tale with new life. Yet, the magic surrounding her new role began to wane as Zegler faced scrutiny for comments she made in various interviews. 

As the world watched her make some eyebrow-raising comments, people started chiming in and giving her a hard time for her opinions. Through these past few months, so many people have been weighing in as there’s a lot to contribute to the discourse she’s created around the modern Snow White. Still, some people are realizing that their criticism against Zegler might’ve been uncalled for.  

‘Girlboss’ Apologizes to Rachel Zegler

This is something Girlboss is currently dealing with – and they should be commended for it.  

If you aren’t familiar with Girlboss, they are a modern media company providing women worldwide with the tools and mindset to succeed. They are known for being light-hearted, empowering, and even humorous. You can also count on them to jump on anything that is trending and give it a twist of their own. This is the case with Zegler as she’s been trending recently – except they feel as though they might’ve taken it too far.  

A few days ago, they created content that didn’t paint Zegler in the best light. The content they published indirectly critiqued her for her past comments, which, in turn, received plenty of engagement. But there was a change of heart after they went live with their posts.

It seems as though there was some internal reflection and the team at Girlboss decided to take down the Zegler content. Aside from that, they also issued a public apology to the Latina star and published it on their page.  

Their apology reads as follows:

Unmasking the Power of Accountability: The Media Company, ‘Girlboss,’ Apologizes to Rachel Zegler
Credit: Instagram/ @girlboss

“dear @rachelzegler

we owe you an apology. recently, we shared some content in our newsletter and on our social media accounts about interviews you’ve been doing for your upcoming Snow White remake. in the days following, we began to wonder if we spoke too quickly and too harshly. 
when the tiktok videos and news articles first started to come out about comments you made in your interviews, we were eager to join in on the conversation with cheeky memes and sassy quips, not realizing that we were doing it at your expense. 
we know ‘girlboss’ culture has long been associated with the narrative of women tearing down other women. and so, we’ve spent the last few years trying to change the culture around our brand, our community and our name. we’re proud of how far we’ve come, but part of growing also means owning up to mistakes and missteps. 
it was a mistake on our part to forget how hard it is to just be a woman with an opinion; to have your words twisted into something other than what you meant; to carry the weight of everyone’s expectations on your back, while knowing people are going to be unhappy with you no matter how hard you try. 
we hope this letter reaches you so that you may know we are in your corner.” 

Is Accountability Making a Comeback?

It’s great to see how they tagged Zegler and addressed it directly to her. Kudos to what they communicated as well. They explained where their error was and expressed their regret for letting their content portray something that goes against their values.  

We are living in an era where people believe that that the internet is a lawless place. However, Girlboss is reminding us that being accountable for your actions is still a thing – and one that should be exercised more often by more people. After all, actions do have consequences. So, bravo, Girlboss, for stepping it up!

Nevertheless, Snow White, a story rooted in themes of compassion and understanding, has become a backdrop for a real-world conversation about the responsibilities that come with fame. Zegler’s journey as the new Snow White is an embodiment of the evolving nature of celebrity, media, and the societal dialogue that accompanies them. 

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