Another Win for Latinas: The ‘Yo Quiero Dinero’ Podcast Reached One Million Downloads

Another Win for Latinas: The ‘Yo Quiero Dinero’ Podcast Reached One Million Downloads

People are serious about securing their bag nowadays. Thankfully, Puerto Rican business owner, Jannese Torres, is helping people achieve this goal.  

Through her award-winning personal finance podcast, website, and social media, she reminds people of the importance of capitalizing on their skills to obtain and thrive outside of a nine-to-five job.  

Her messaging resonates so much with people that her Yo Quiero Dinero® podcast recently reached one million downloads.  

According to her website, the Yo Quiero Dinero® podcast is a platform to connect you with Latinas and POC change makers who are sharing their personal finance stories and inspiring you to take your dinero to the next level. 

Through her various platforms, she’s on a mission to help others be “poderosa” because she, too, did not understand how to have her money work for her at some point in her life.

Celebrating one million downloads for the ‘Yo Quiero Dinero’ podcast 

Torres posted about her excitement in reaching one million downloads on her social media and celebrated by showing gratitude to her supporters. 

This is what she wrote on her on her Instagram: 

“MI GENTE. We’ve reached 1,000,000 downloads on the Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast. We are soooo grateful to everyone who has ever listened to and downloaded this podcast! We would not be [half] of what we are today without y’all,” her Instagram post read.

“As a huge THANK YOU, we are offering Our Money, Our Power summit tickets for $500 OFF. (YUP, you read that right!) We would love to meet our listeners and supporters of the show in person to celebrate this huge accomplishment that you’ve contributed to in paradise with us.”

Ever the businesswoman, which we respect tremendously, she explained that her deal wouldn’t last for too long. 

“But don’t wait too long! You have only 48 hrs starting NOW to grab your ticket to the Our Money, Our Power summit at $500 OFF. Listen, this is possibly the last time you’ll be able to grab one of these tickets for this low of a price… So, RUN, don’t walk to the link in bio and grab yours before it’s too late!!”

She ended her post by reiterating how thankful she is to those who helped her reach this milestone.

“[Cheers] to a million more downloads! Mil gracias.” 

If you haven’t listened to the Yo Quiero Dinero® podcast, this is your sign. Who knows, it might inspire you to change your life around – for the better.  

Remember, we must celebrate the wins of Latinas, including Jannese. This is how we will continue to succeed in a world that often places many roadblocks against us.  

So, go to her social media and congratulate her! She definitely deserves this win.  

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