Dr. Isabel Bogdan, Paving the Way to Women’s Transformational Health

Dr. Isabel Bogdan BELatina Latinx
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Women’s health is a frequently stigmatized and tabooed subject, a circumstance that gives way to a lack of knowledge and the proliferation of myths.

In the Latino community, for example, misinformation about women’s health is an everyday occurrence as we learn to perpetuate patterns of trust. While that confidence can be unifying, it can also be dangerous.

In order to keep harm at bay, it is advisable to seek the guidance of experts — they are the ones we must trust and listen to. 

Addressing the lack of information

One example of this type of expert is Dr.Isabel Bogdan.

She is a women’s health nurse practitioner who uses her experience to pave the way to women’s transformational health, healthy pregnancy/postpartum recovery, and lifespan and longevity. Through this, she provides accessible information on women’s health, especially those in excluded communities. 

“Women have a lack of health literacy all across the board — Black women, Asian women, Latinas — we all have different health literacy,” she told BELatina News recently. 

Her emphasis is on anything from generalized anxiety to postpartum depression, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Through her expertise, she also brings awareness to the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, autoimmune disease, endocrine disorders, and inflammation.

Dr. Isabel Bogdan was raised in El Paso and has developed her professional career in Washington Heights, New York. Both these places are known for a plentiful number of people from the Latino and Black community, something that hasn’t been lost on her. 

The work she immerses herself in revolves around providing information that can be vital and life-changing to her followers and anyone who pays attention to the little treasures she publishes. 

When the background is key

Dr. Isabel Bogdan prides herself in taking the time to connect with patients while taking everyone’s identity and background into account. This is imperative, especially in the Latino community, since medical skepticism has been tied to physicians not having enough patience with their patients of color. 

She added that “building trust in the community, from patients to physicians, is key — it lets patients know that there’s somebody there that can understand cultural diversity.”

“This can be done by physicians understanding that the cultural norm is not the same for everybody.”

Her skillset is exemplified through the spaces she’s created online as well.

Dr. Isabel Bodgan has created a website, belev.co,  that provides individualized consults, one-on-one, where she strives to help her patients in a myriad of ways. 

For example, she has programs where she helps her patients reach targets regarding their weight in a natural way; other programs that promote longevity and guide her patients to identify goals that will lead them into a healthy lifestyle. Overall, all her programs are centered around women’s health. 

The programs are divided into three levels. People can choose the 6, 12, or 24-week programs depending on their preference and specific needs.

Tailor-made support

However, it is important to note that Dr. Isabel Bogdan carefully helps tailor programs to the people who seek her help as there’s no one-size-fits-all. 

“We’re all different,” she said. “So, first we meet and then I make sure I am working with the menstrual cycles because that can be a significant part of that specific person’s program.”

She does not play with her due diligence, which is a breath of fresh air as medical facilities around the nation have become more focused on the bottom line instead of patient care. 

Since Dr. Bogdan has experienced the jarring disparities between some of the most excluded communities in medicine, she’s always made it a point to use her expertise to build trusting relationships with her patients. 

“It is important to speak to your patients with respect while promoting culturally cognizant care when you’re assessing what’s going on,” Dr. Bogdan told BELatina News. 

It is known that the language barrier can often be a factor for improper care in certain communities. But, even then, patient care shouldn’t stop there, especially when words aren’t needed to give respect.

“You don’t have to be Hispanic or Latino to understand the culture. But having respect and just assessing the timidity of the patient for fear or discomfort can be extended to your services.”

Dr. Isabel Bogdan’s expertise goes beyond her medical training; she also makes a conscious effort to uplift her patients and anyone who makes part of her space through spiritual guidance. 

If anyone takes a close look into her social media platforms, she is constantly giving people tips on how to use their resources, hence helping them work towards their confidence, too. 

“Use the networking around you and learn how you can get help from the people that are in your life — in your everyday life.”

When asked what she hopes to achieve in the future, she answered that she would love to create a summit and networks for Latinas and other women where they can help each other. She even spoke about having a space where women can go and recover with other women around them because, as she said, “we need moms and not just one mom or our mom.”

So, if you have been searching for guidance on women’s health, Dr. Isabel Bogdan is someone you should definitely give a try.