11 Latina Actresses Who Have Spoken Out on Hollywood Stereotypes and Lack of Diversity

It is no secret that Latinos have been grossly underrepresented in Hollywood. And when Latino actors are included, they are often portraying criminals and domestic workers. Back in the earlier days of film and television, we were “greasers,” “banditos,” immoral and/or angry women, and comedically dim-witted individuals.

Today, however, the tides are changing, with a variety of roles being interpreted by Latinas, and people of our ethnicity and culture(s) are creating those projects which are absent. But we still have a long way to go. Here are 11 actresses in Hollywood who are holding it down for Latinos everywhere have spoken out about both the stereotypes assigned to us as a people, as well as the notion that all we look, act, and are the same.

10Judy Reyes

Judy reyes Actress Latina Stereotype
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Afro-Dominican actress Judy Reyes also has spoken out on Hollywood’s perception of what a Latina is supposed to look like. On her own audition experience, she has said: “I’d get really positive reactions at auditions for both African-American and Latino roles, but I did not look Latino enough because of the curly hair and the freckles and the nose…you’re telling me I’m too dark [to be Latino].”