Work From Home: Crush It With These 9 Ground Rules

When you’re working from home, it can be tempting to stay in your pajamas, take frequent snack breaks, and work your schedule around daytime TV shows. But in reality, if you want to be as productive as possible, you’ve got to set some personal ground rules— and stick to them. We gathered these9rules that might help you organize your workspace and create the best work environment at home.

7Create a Schedule

Schedule BELatina

Without a set timeframe, you’ll allow yourself to get distracted and pulled in by the many things that can sidetrack you at home, whether it’s being distracted by pings from social media, a hungry teenager who is more than capable of finding a snack without your help, or simply your own compulsion to spontaneously clean out your closet. Having set hours, like you would in an office, you’ll be more efficient and effective at completing your tasks. This also means limiting your work to a set number of hour each day, rather than leaving things open-ended; pacing yourself will help prevent you from burning yourself out or pulling an unnecessary all-nighter, scenarios that can ultimately limit your productivity over the long run.