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Lauren Maillian BELatina Latinx

Lauren Maillian, the Innovative Entrepreneur Paving the Way for Success for Women of Color

When Lauren Maillian co-founded her first company, Sugarleaf Vineyards, she became the youngest winery owner in America, even before she was of legal drinking...
Minimum Wage Women of Color BeLatina Latinx

Setting The Bar Low: What Minimum Wage Does For Women of Color

During the Biden-Harris administration's campaign, one of their top concerns was raising the minimum wage. Most of the House of Representatives agrees with this...
Women of Color vote elections

New Research Reveal How Women of Color Are Feeling About the Upcoming Elections

Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to the United States Congress, once said: “If they don't give you a seat at the table,...
Cecilia Muñoz Belatina

More Than Ready…What Author Cecilia Muñoz Has to Say About How Women of Color...

It's no secret that women are at a significant disadvantage in the workforce. And it's certainly no secret that women of color are at...
WOC Hair Loss BELatina

Dermatologists Reveal How Women of Color Can Prevent or Treat Alopecia, Hair Breakage

Although the National Alopecia Areata Foundation revealed that around 147 million people are suffering from alopecia areata worldwide, particularly, women of color have been...
BElatina tone armpit

Dermatologist Alicia Barba Shares How Women of Color Can Even the Skin Tone of...

How many chemical products or homemade natural recipes have you tried in order to even the skin tone of your armpits?  For generations, females and...
warren Elizabeth BELatina

Warren Hires Two of the Highest-Ranking Women of Color Working in the Democratic Primary

The Warren-Castro merger seems to be reaching a new level, feeding the illusions of those waiting for a possible duo on the ballot. This time,...
Freshmen Selfie AOC Representation

Trump’s Blatant Insecurity in the Face of Women of Color

President Trump typically puts up a huge fuss when a Congresswoman of color expresses an opinion that is critical of his administration or is...
Fenty Rihanna LVMH

Rihanna is Officially the Empress of Fashion with Announcement of LVMH Fenty Label, Marking...

Robyn Rihanna Fenty has become the first woman of color — and first woman, period — to run her own label under the parent...
Abortion communities of color BELatina Latinx

Legislative Threats to Women’s Right To Choose Doubly Impact Communities of Color

Over the past few days, America and the entire world have been seething with outrage after Texas passed what is now the most restrictive...