After Max Heartlessly Axed ‘Gordita Chronicles,’ It Is Now Back and Ready to Be Binged on a New Platform  

After Max Heartlessly Axed ‘Gordita Chronicles,’ It Is Now Back and Ready to Be Binged on a New Platform  
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Tubi is breathing new life into the Max original series Gordita Chronicles, as it secures the rights to Season 1, becoming the exclusive destination for this favorite among the Latino community.  

According to Deadline, you can start catching up on Gordita Chronicles on March 29 at 7:30 a.m. Pacific Time. 

‘Gordita Chronicles’ Never Left the Hearts of Its Fans

Created by Claudia Forestieri, Gordita Chronicles draws from her own childhood escapades – and it resonates with the experiences other bicultural Latino/es have experienced in the United States. Also, the script executed Spanglish perfectly. It was chef’s good kiss, which meant that the writers were actually Latino/e – and not some gringo trying to cosplay someone from the Latino/e community.  

When the announcement that Gordita Chronicles was cancelled, Latinos, Latinas, and Latines everywhere were gutted. Lately, the shows that give the world a true look at Latino/e representation seem to get the axe quicker than any other project. That type of trend is disheartening considering how much the community has been fighting for authentic representation. Saying goodbye to One Day at a Time, Gentefied, and others was heartbreaking to so many people. But knowing that Gordita Chronicles would have no trace was devastating. So, it’s good to know that people will be able to enjoy it once again.  

The series chronicles the life of Cucu “Gordita” Castelli, played by Olivia Goncalves, alongside her father Víctor, a marketing executive portrayed by Juan Javier Cardenas, her bold mother Adela, brought to life by Diana Maria Riva, and her status-conscious older sister Emilia, played by Savannah Nicole Ruiz. Additionally, the adult Cucu is voiced by none other than Dascha Polanco, known for her role in Orange is the New Black. 

Gordita Chronicles stood out as one of the rare series offering an authentic portrayal of a Latino family navigating life in the U.S. Despite being axed by Max last summer amid a shift away from live-action kids and family programming following WarnerMedia’s acquisition by Discovery, the series finds new hope with Tubi.  

Will you be binging it soon? 

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