Latine Films & Shows Are Being Removed From HBO Max – What’s Going On?

Latine Films & Shows Are Being Removed From HBO Max – What's Going On? belatina latine

It’s such a win when we get films and shows that represent our Latine community. However, we’re in a streaming era that doesn’t let us save these masterpieces. Back in the day, we would buy DVDs of the shows/films we adored, now we’re faced with a WTF moment as our favorites are getting pulled off from streaming services. 

What happens after our favorite Latine projects are removed from their streaming homes?   

What’s going on with HBO Max? 

If you haven’t noticed, HBO Max has canceled many shows lately – including the popular fan-favorite “Westworld.” The reason is that back in August, Warner Bros. joined Discovery and they’re working on a new streaming service that will come alive in mid-2023. For now, content is being abruptly pulled out, making way for the new service.  

“As we work toward bringing our content catalogs under one platform, we will be making changes to the content offering available on both HBO Max and Discovery+,” an HBO Max spokesperson said, according to CNBC. “That will include the removal of some content from both platforms.” 

Pero, how’s that affecting Latine-related content? Here are three Latine-spearheaded films/series that have been affected so far.  


We were all rooting for this one. After the Warner Bros. news, things started to get complicated in the film industry. One of the first affected major projects was Leslie Grace’s “Batgirl,” a $90 million film that was shelved entirely. Who knows if we will ever see the film from that movie – do people just forget that it was actually already a work in progress? 

Had we still had a physical format available, maybe this would’ve saved “Batgirl”’s outcome in one way or another. We hope it’s saved in the future. 

‘Gordita Chronicles’ 

After only one season, this is another casualty from the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger. Though the series’ cancellation news was announced in July, last week it was revealed that the whole show was being pulled out from the streaming service.  

What happens now? According to Deadline, the streamer is in talks with other production partners to find another home for the series – but as of now, it’s a dead-end. Will we ever enjoy the show again? That fate is so unclear.  

‘Los Espookys’ 

“Los Espookys” went on for two seasons. This month, it was revealed that it wouldn’t continue for a third. Though we’re unfortunately already accustomed to Latine-fronted series and films being canceled, the problem is what’s going to happen to our community’s work? Will it just be gone? 

What’s next? 

Could it be that we’ll have a physical format option soon? Twitter users are sparking a conversation on why it’s important to have a physical opportunity available for our favorite shows/films.  

A Twitter user, DakinMorgan, wrote: “The way things are going down at HBOMax is why I still buy movies and TV series I like in physical format (blu-ray, whatever the latest is). I’m not letting some multibillion-dollar mega-conglomerate with zero respect or care for art decide what I can and cannot have access to.”  

What will happen if “Gordita Chronicles” doesn’t find a new home? Or when “Los Espookys” gets left out of the streaming service?  

Point blank: Many changes are happening, and it looks like the Latine community is being left out… again!  

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