Comedian Al Madrigal Releases New Comic Book ‘Primos’

Al Madrigal BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of Al Madrigal/Twitter/BELatina

The superhero universe seems to be diversifying more and more — both in traditional comics and on the big screen. Now, the young comic publisher, AWA Studios, is preparing to launch comedian Al Madrigal’s new comic, “Primos.”

Along with artist Carlo Barberi, Madrigal tells the story of Ricky, a teenager who receives mystical superpowers along with his two cousins, Javier and Gina. Together, the three fight to fend off the invasion of an ancient Mayan astronaut, who is dismayed to see his culture and civilization become extinct in the modern era.

If the name Al Madrigal doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps his face sounds familiar. He is an actor and comedian known for his work on the Daily Show. Madrigal will have his first role in the Marvel movie, “Morbius.”

As reported by Forbes, Madrigal finally got the chance to collaborate on fair cultural and ethnic representation in comics during his work on The Daily Show. Appearing on the Comic Book Club podcast as a guest, he met Axel Alonso, who, at the time, was serving as Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Entertainment.

“A lot of the bigger characters were started in the ’50s and ’60s, and it’s all White guys,” he told Forbes Entertainment over Zoom. “They became so popular and it was sort of hard to introduce others. I always gravitated towards any minority character because I’m half-Mexican. It’s nice to see yourself on the page and on the screen.”

Madrigal and Alonso kept in touch over the years and were finally able to flesh out their discussion when the latter founded AWA Studios in 2018.

“We joked about how if you’re Mexican, you’ve got an uncle who has one too many cocktails and says all that sh** about the Chariot of the Gods is true,” Alonso explained. “The Mayans sent a spaceship into outer space before anyone else. They were out there for hundreds of years. So we decided, ‘Let’s do that story!'”

Primos #1 went on sale yesterday, and is available here.

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