All Hail Natti Natasha, Dominican Diva Supreme

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Surpassing superstar giants like Ariana Grande and Cardi B is no small feat, yet for Natti Natasha, carving a path for herself has meant letting go of preconceived limitations. “I don’t pay attention to the no’s,” she told Rolling Stone.

The Dominican singer and songwriter, who was born Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista, is the most-watched female artist on Youtube, and has joined the ranks of heavyweights in her industry. She’s had some of the biggest Latin pop collaborations including one of the most popular songs last year “Sin Piyama” with Becky G and her duet with Ozuna for “Criminal.”

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But it wasn’t until she wrote her latest album IlumiNATTI, that she discovered the power of identity. She says it was during that time that she struggled with seeing herself as independent or in trying new things because of her gender. As an outspoken feminist, she noticed that it was always men that landed the behind-the-scenes roles in music production: both in writing songs and running the labels.

Because of this, Natasha made the decision to collaborate with fellow Latinas and to step into her own power. “I was a girl who believed in the color of my voice, and what I had to say,” she explained. “I was not going to listen to any man [who would say],  ‘Girls don’t sell.’ I mean, so many women are making it around the world! You’re gonna put that down?”

And while she’s found support from artist friends like Ozuna and Daddy Yankee, Natasha continues to encounter pushback and skepticism to the kind of music she wants to create. Still, she shows no hint of holding back. “Girls are way more powerful [today],” she explained. “We speak very freely. All girls from everywhere around the world. It’s an honor to be the voice for girls who are not scared, and who want to have someone to connect with.”

Photo Credit IG @nattinatasha

Overall, the diva won’t let anyone stop her from pursuing her dream. This newest album, she explains, holds that message of empowerment and of overcoming obstacles.  “It’s my first baby, IllumiNATTI. I’m taking risks, but I feel like I’m doing it for all the Latinos out there,” she said in an interview with Recording Academy.

“It’s a story from a woman’s point of view. And how we go through things and we like, suffer at the moment, but we look back, we laugh, and we keep it moving.”

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