Many Angels Roam Around Us and ‘Somos Good News’ Is Shining Light on Them

The time has come for some good news and BELatina’s Somos Good News: Latinx Edition is here to bring them to you!

This week, hosts Katherine Castro and Angela Carrasco are covering a myriad of topics. They start off by highlighting Jose Nuñez Romaniz, a criminal justice student from New Mexico who seemingly knows the difference between right and wrong. Nuñez Romaniz epitomized the approved actions of a Good Samaritan when he returned $135,000 he found at his local bank’s branch ATM. 

La Isla del Encanto also had positive news. According to a patient, Olga Ivette Torres,  her nurse from the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital Sociedad Española in San Juan, Puerto Rico, brightened her day despite her condition. The nurse, Juan Cruz Saen, waited until his shift was over to serenade her with his guitar. This goes to show the power music may have to some. 

Castro and Carrasco went on to speak about a bird too extra to leave this world, the white-throated rail. This was followed by a story on Plan Buen Vecino, some of the best neighbors South America must have at the moment. Plan Buen Vecino is an initiative that consists of 12 volunteers donating weekly meals to the elderly community in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Of course, the lovely Abuela, played by Sasha Merci, makes yet anotherappearance to educate us on Afro-Latinx culture and music. As always, ‘Somos Good News brings us what we need.

Learn more about these stories by watching the fifth episode of Somos Good News: Latinx Edition.

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