Anuel Released a New Song Dedicated to Karol G – Here is How People Are Reacting

Anuel Released a New Song Dedicated to Karol G – Here is How People Are Reacting

A week ago, Anuel AA alluded to doing something that would upset people during a recent interview he had with Puerto Rican content creator, Molusco. People didn’t have to wonder for long what he meant by that because he’s been leaving trails of his intentions all week.  

For starters, he started including Karol G’s name in his songs as his tour, “Las Leyendas Nunca Mueren” kicked off. He had stopped mentioning her name after they broke up, even if some of his songs had the Bichota embedded in them. He also brought Feid into the mix – who many believe is romantically linked to the beloved colombiana. The Puerto Rican rapper went as far as poking fun at Feid during one of his concerts by saying, “Maybe Feid left her,” in Spanish. The “Amanece” singer posted a picture with that phrase as his caption to his social media. Yet, there’s been radio silence from Karol G and Feid since Anuel decided to let the world how these two live rent-free in his mind.  

But Anuel has taken it a step further now by releasing a new song, ”Mejor que yo,” which is, without a doubt, dedicated to Karol G. Being that he evidently enjoys playing with fire, his promotion for the song included him posting about it and tagging Karol G in his caption.  

The song is in no way a work of art. Its lyrical content only details what he and Karol used to do during their relationship – in a very explicit manner. He takes a few jabs at her new beau as well. It’s messy all around.  

People are, of course, going wild with what’s unraveling before their eyes. 


Lately, you know thats exactly what you’ve been doing 😂 #anuel #anuelaa #karolg #karol #feid #legendsneverdie #tusa #ferxxo #concert #reggaeton #musicaurbana

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The aftermath of the actions Anuel and his team deemed okay

Whether he’s doing it as a marketing tactic or is trying to win the paisa singer back, he’s getting something he hasn’t received from the masses in a while: attention. Because of this behavior, it begs the question, is he trying to make money off of Karol G? Has he realized the power of La Bichota and is trying to capitalize on it? 

Still, the attention is not all too positive – many are in disbelief that he’s even moving forward with this strategy.  

We scoured the internet to find the best reactions, and this is what we found: 


LE DEDICO LA CANCIÓN 😳🤯 ese anuel esta liso, quedamos locas #anuel #karolg #mejorqueyo

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♬ sonido original – LAS BICHOTAS ❤️


TE JURO QUE LO AMO, ESE HOMBRE ES MI VIDA ENTERA ENTERA ENTERITA #roleplay #feeiid #ferxxomireligion #ferxxo444 #ferxxo100 #viral #parati @TikTok

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🫣 #ferxxo #anuel #karolg #humor #parati

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Nuestra Bichota merece ser feliz ❤️#karolg #anuel #mejorqueyo #parati

♬ sonido original – Midnight Mood

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