Astronomical to Gastronomical: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Food Predilections

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If your mantra is “I got hot sauce in my bag swag,” this probably means you’re a fire sign and an overall adventurous eater. We know this might sound out there, but Zodiac signs are like codes and if you can decipher them, they can tell you about your penchants for food. That’s why we’ve gathered everything we know about your zodiac sign to bring you an insider’s look at your food predilections. Those that are good for you and the ones that are not. The astrologer Hazel Dixon-Cooper told The Daily Meal, “by knowing your sun sign, you can better understand your instinctive reaction to food and diet as well as any possible health issues that might arise.” Here’s what your sun sign says about what you will likely be craving and rejecting at the dinner table tonight.

12Aries (March 21 – April 19)

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Aries Spicy Shrimp Soup

This fire sign likes to cook it up spicy. They like to add chilies or sriracha sauce to everything. Because they’re on the move, they don’t have time to prepare long meals. Quick meals like fajitas or an Asian hot pot are their specialty. Bad habits? They eat too fast in an effort not to waste time.