If You’re in the Bay Area, Don’t Sleep on John Leguizamo’s New Show ‘Kiss My Aztec!’

A new, irreverent musical comedy is coming to town for those of you lucky enough to live in the Bay Area. Berkeley Repertory Theatre has announced that Kiss My Aztec!, will debut this summer on June 6, with performances scheduled through July 14.

The musical collaboration includes John Leguizamo and artistic director, Tony Taccone, who once again team up following their previous hit show Latin History for Morons (nominated for two Tony Awards in 2018).

“It’s been fantastic to collaborate with John on another show that not only keeps the audience laughing but finds a creative way to explore Latinx culture,” Taccone told Broadway World.

“Working together allows us to channel our obsessive imaginations, whacked-out senses of humor, and shared to be honest. We’re thrilled to be creating with the immensely talented Benjamin Velez, David Kamp, and Maija García, and couldn’t be happier with this hilarious, adventuresome cast. May the Force be with us,” he said.

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Leguizamo’s latest venture adds to the Emmy Award-winner’s notable career in film, theater, television, literature, and more. Whereas Taccone has earned a reputation as an international leader in innovative theater.

Aside from the book created by Leguizamo and Taccone, they also count on a remarkable creative team including Benjamin Velez (music, lyrics, arranger), David Kamp (lyrics), Simon Hale (orchestrator), David Gardos (music supervisor), and Maija García (choreography).

Based on a screenplay by Leguizamo, Kiss My Aztec!, is a commemoration of Latinx culture that delves into historical roots, particularly, the Spanish colonization of Mesoamerica in the 1600s. The musical comedy combines Latin boogaloo, hip-hop, salsa, gospel, funk, and merengue to create a unique and energetic portrayal.

The story follows a scrappy duo: fierce female warrior, Colombina, and clown-like Pepe, who together put up a resistance against their Spanish oppressors, but ultimately become entangled in the Spanish viceroy’s dysfunctional family dynamics.

Among the extraordinary cast are: Joél Pérez, Angelica Beliard, Chad Carstarphen, Katherine “KC” Dela Cruz, Richard R. Henry, Zachary Infante, Yani Marin, Jesús E. Martínez, Maria-Christina Oliveras, Desiree Rodriguez, as well as Al Rodrigo.

Don’t miss your chance to watch this uproarious musical comedy and learn a little more about Latinx culture and history.

Current Ticket Prices:

Premium: $70–115 · Section A: $55–100 · Section B: $40–85.

30% discount available for anyone under the age of 35.


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