Biden is Set to Appoint Cesar Chávez’s Granddaughter, Julie Chávez Rodriguez, As His Campaign Manager

Biden is Set to Appoint Cesar Chávez’s Granddaughter, Julie Chávez Rodriguez, As His Campaign Manager

As the election year approaches, chess moves are being made.  

Joe Biden, 80, is set to announce to run soon, as early as this week some speculate, and he’s setting things into place. According to the “Associated Press,” Biden will reportedly name Julie Chávez Rodriguez as his 2024 campaign manager. The news was disclosed by two people who are in close proximity to the matter.  

Who is Julie Chávez Rodriguez?

For many, Chávez Rodriguez is a familiar face. After all, she’s the granddaughter of civil and labor rights activist Cesar Chávez and labor activist Helen Fabela Chávez. 

Chávez Rodriguez grew up in California and quickly followed in her grandparents’ footsteps. She was active in campaigns, picket lines, boycotts, marches, and union meetings. 

Forming part of the Democratic party, she’s worked alongside President Barack Obama from 2008-2016. She worked for the United States Secretary of the Interior in the White House’s office of Public Engagement.  

The Latina activist also worked for the current administration. In 2016, she was appointed as state director for Senator Kamala Harris and worked on the Kamala Harris 2020 presidential campaign from 2017 to 2019. Shortly after, in 2020, she made part of the Latino outreach as a senior advisor for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. 

Her run at the White House has been impressive and she’s filled many other positions during the last two Democratic presidents. Chávez Rodriguez has been a Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and a senior advisor to Biden as well.  

It’s great to see Latinos be more present in these spaces. 

As per the “AP,” Biden might announce his campaign on Tuesday, April 25th, as this day marks four years to the day since he entered the 2020 race. This is according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.  

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