Brujxs Unite: Mercury Retrograde and a Solar Eclipse are Crossing Paths at the Same Time

Brujxs Unite: Mercury Retrograde and a Solar Eclipse are Crossing Paths at the Same Time

Again, a Mercury Retrograde is upon us. But this time it is crossing paths with the lingering energies of a solar eclipse. All in the midst of a New Moon.

Brujas, brujos, and brujxs everywhere are explaining what this phenomenon means – and how people should act. For instance, many are saying that this is not the time to manifest, while others are encouraging it. Keep in mind that any astrological advice should always be taken from those who are well-versed in the space and have years of experience, such as Latina spritualists, Vanessa Codorniu and Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad. It’s best to heed with caution whenever you decide to put something into practice.  

What people are saying

As expected, however, this cosmic event is bringing about a lot of feelings – and many have taken to their social media to talk about it. Let’s take a look at what people are saying about Mercury Retrograde and a Solar Eclipse taking place at the same time.  

Do you remember a time when Mercury Retrograde did not get the hype it gets nowadays? Were times simpler or were we just living in ignorance and wondering why everything felt off for a few weeks? Whatever the case may be, learning about retrogrades, eclipses, and different planet placements is now being taken more seriously than before. At least, in the mainstream world. The cosmos has always been important to our Indigenous ancestors. It’s part of our community’s roots. There’s no doubt about it.  

So, how are you feeling during this season? Are things flowing smoothly for you or are you feeling some type of way?  

Codorniu has already warned us in an Instagram post by saying to keep our tempers in check.  

“Cuidado with our tempers and let’s try not to overdo it! Taurus season is inviting us to enjoy the simple pleasures – and it’s only getting started!” 

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