Boricua Icon Rita Moreno Continues to Empower Latina Leaders in Her Latest Role 

Boricua Icon Rita Moreno Continues to Empower Latina Leaders in Her Latest Role 
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One of our favorite Latinas, Rita Moreno, continues to push the envelope.  

This trailblazing Boricua does not know anything about staying still – and this is one of the reasons she’s so loved within the Latino community. In her latest move, the Latina icon takes charge as the National Honorary Chair of the Latinas & Power Corp. Advisory Council, a dynamic collective comprising influential leaders from across the United States. Through this role, she is tasked to guide the newly launched Latinas in Leadership Institute (LiLi) in tackling the Latina Leadership Gap, a longstanding issue in the professional sphere. 

LiLi stands tall as a game-changing six-month program, a fusion of professional development and advocacy meticulously designed for early and mid-career Latina professionals and entrepreneurs. Its core pillars? Fostering a growth mindset, nurturing authenticity, honing leadership influence, and fostering civic engagement. 

Rita Moreno, a name synonymous with Hollywood and civil rights fervor, lends her support, stating in an official press release, “This type of support for Latinas did not exist during my early days and even in my mid-career. I firmly believe it is imperative that we all do our part to help lift up the work of organizations such as Latinas & Power. These initiatives really make a difference and ensure a vibrant workforce.” 

Rita Moreno Is Leading a Program Aimed to Help Many Latinas

Though it may seem like it to some, the LiLi program is not an academic exercise. Rather, it’s a call to action, embarking on capstone projects that dive deep into pivotal issues impacting the Latino community. Health equity, education disparities, financial literacy, and unlocking the latent power of the Latino voter — these are the arenas these passionate cohorts are gearing up to explore. According to the official release, the reports will be published utilizing in-kind assistance from the New Jersey-based company Smith Publicity. 

Beyond being just a program, the Latinas in Leadership Institute is a force for Latina empowerment. With Rita Moreno steering the ship, the future for Latina leaders looks promising. 

To learn more about this groundbreaking initiative, visit the Latinas in Leadership Institute. 

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