Legendary Rita Moreno and Cheech Marin Made an Appearance on ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ in Latest Episode

Legendary Rita Moreno and Cheech Marin Made an Appearance on ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ in Latest Episode belatina latine
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“Lopez vs. Lopez” is sweeping many people off their feet. As though it is following the trail paved by the “George Lopez Show,” it is quickly becoming a fan favorite among the Latine community and beyond.  

A light-hearted show at its core, “Lopez vs. Lopez” gives its audience a fictionalized version of George and Mayan Lopez’s life. The emotional connection they have to this show pours out even more, episode after episode. It’s a beautiful sight, and it’s entertaining, which is why many of us are hoping for its longevity.  

Now on the eighth episode of its first season, its seventh episode upped the ante by bringing in the legendary Rita Moreno and Cheech Marin. 

A magical ‘Lopez vs. Lopez’ episode

According to the episode’s synopsis, the episode focuses on the Lopez’s home being disturbed by an evil spirit, which urges the family to contact a curandero. The portrayal of brujería is present in the episode as the connection to the spiritual world is deep within the Latine community. The curandero, who is played by Marin, reveals that the ghost living among them is the ghost of George’s grandmother, Dolores, and is played by Moreno.  

“I loved why she comes back from the dead,” Moreno expressed her excitement to play this character on NBC. “She came back roaring, nasty as always, in that family and demanding respect.” 

Dolores is on a mission to right a past wrong and is using the familiar chancla to get things moving forward. Really, is there a better motivator than a flying chancla? 

People were really excited to tune in to this episode because it features many Latine actors our community has watched for many years. 

In an LRM Online featurette, Selenis Leyva, who plays Rosie, Mayan’s mother and George’s ex-wife, spoke on the importance of “Lopez vs. Lopez” seventh episode. 

Lopez versus Lopez is about family,” Leyva told the aforementioned publication. “It’s about trying to mend relationships and here we have this character literally from the other side, you know, who is trying to mend her relationship with George.” 

This episode is definitely something else.  

Can you imagine having any of your family members coming back from the dead with a chancla? 

You can watch “Lopez vs. Lopez” on NBC. 

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