Hello Bright Eyes: 5 Spring Makeup Lewks You Need to Learn How to Rock

As the weather hits above 60, we’re ready to shed the puffer and head outdoors for some well-deserved fun.  We’ve been cooped up all winter and we’d accept almost any invitation for an al fresco event. But as our social calendars pick up steam, so does our need for that B12 shot, as exhaustion and susceptibility to watery eyes and runny noses kick in during the high pollen season we call springtime.

Now we have to come up with a plan so we don’t actually look like our faces took a beating from Mother Nature (you allergy sufferers know what I’m talking about). This spring we got you covered. Here are a few makeup tricks we can do to fight back and let her know we won’t take any mess. Runny mascara and smeared liner is not an option this time.  

3All That Glitters

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Photo Credit IG @herflyface

Glitter makes everything fun and exciting; it’s like a carnival in Rio De Janeiro on your eyelid. It’s better than looking like the life party — it’s like being the party yourself. Glitter on the lids is the look that says, “I’m ready to have a good time and nothing is going to kill my vibe.”

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Lisan Simpson is a fashion and beauty writer, who migrated to New York from Jamaica, West Indies in 1993. She became enthralled in the fashion and beauty industry shortly after graduating from NYU with a B.S. in Accounting. While working in New York City’s financial sector, she took the time to explore her creative side as a freelance writer for various fashion sites, most notably Vigore Magazine, Thefabulousreport.com and PopstyleTV.com. She has covered several seasons of New York Fashion Week as well as shared her talent as a makeup artist for runway shows, editorials and charitable causes geared to women of domestic violence (womenempowerus.org). Her in-depth knowledge of beauty and fashion trends will give our readers front row access to the industry, with special insight for Women of Color (WOC).