We’re Obsessed with the Lyrical Art of Alejandro Cisneros

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Imagine a world without music. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a music enthusiast or you’re far from musically gifted, it’s easy to see how music can affect our daily lives, our moods, our relationships and all of our experiences. Music can change your perspective; it can alter how you see the world and how you engage with the world and the people in it. And if you ask artist and creative genius Alejandro Ramirez-Cisneros, also known as Jandro Cisneros, music has the power to “change the context of your now.” Even the way he describes the musical experience sounds like a masterpiece that flows with beauty and grace.

Add that gift — the ability to put into words what we all struggle to wrap our heads around — to the long list of reasons that we are obsessed with the lyrical art of Alejandro Cisneros.

The man is talented, that’s for sure. He is an internationally known film composer, audio engineer, producer, filmmaker, photographer, songwriter and motivational public speaker from Monterrey, Mexico. And while any one of those titles is impressive, and the amalgamation of all those skills is mind-blowing, perhaps even more intriguing is the path that brought Cisneros to where he is today.

Jandro Cisneros spent much of his educational experience in Mexico, learning everything he could about communication, music, production, content creation, composing and more. He first received a degree in Mass Communication with a major in Film, TV, and Radio from the Tecnológico de Monterrey University, but because there was no single university and no individual major that focused on everything he wanted to learn and specialize in, Cisneros studied at two different colleges simultaneously. At the same time he was studying communication at one college, he was also earning a degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the Escuela Superior de Música y Danza de Monterrey. He also hosted a radio show called ‘The Lighthouse of Heaven,’ and gained valuable experience behind the scenes working as cameraman, switcher, TV production assistant, reporter, and music composer for various TV shows.

More recently he scored the music for Cachorro, a documentary and official selection at the Eco Film Festival 2016 as well as two other documentaries in that same year.

It sounds like an overwhelming amount of work and a balancing act that no one could possibly pull off, and yet, Cisneros did it. And he continues to juggle all of his passion projects and jobs with ease. Or if not with ease (he’s only human), he does it with confidence, passion and purpose.

Today Jandro Cisneros is still involved with several jobs and several passion projects at once that together allow him to put his musical, visual and motivational skills to use. According to his LinkedIn profile, Cisneros has always been proud of his perseverance and his ability to push through the struggles and continue until his work is done. Today he is putting that perseverance to the test as the Founder and CEO for The Pillars Productions, LLC, a production company he co-founded with his wife, singer-songwriter Cristina Vaira, that creates original content including music and videos for everything from artists to educational institutions, nonprofits, festivals and more. The company’s goal, a goal that has always been near and dear to Cisneros’ heart, is to create uplifting content that spreads a message and tells a story through visual, musical and lyrical artistry.

Jandro Cisneros The Pillars
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In addition to his role as CEO of The Pillars Productions, Cisneros and his wife also have a culturally innovative band that they founded together, creating music that is performed globally. Their sound is unique in that it blends together so many cultural sounds and languages together; their music blends English, Spanish and Italian languages, mixed with a variety of cultural influences from Mexico, Italy and the U.S.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Cisneros is also currently serving as a Video Producer and Creative Storyteller for the prestigious New England Conservatory, the first independent music conservatory in the US.

All of his accomplishments and gifts are certainly enough to warrant immense respect and admiration from fans and supporters, but his titles and achievements are not the only reason we adore Alejandro Cisneros. We are obsessed with his work and his words. We are inspired by his message and his music. We are empowered to do more and be better thanks to his gift and his dedication to his craft. And above all, we are grateful for the beautiful art that he has created for us to enjoy.

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