Chef James Encourages Selfless Acts Through His New Initiative, #ElPoderDeLaComida

Photo courtesy of Chef James
Photo courtesy of Chef James

Homelessness is a persistent problem in the United States. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the situation has become even more complicated. In fact, the uncertainty is worse.

However, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and people with the Good Samaritan gene are stepping up to combat this worrying and silent epidemic. 

BELatina TV’s beloved Chef James Tahhan, for instance, has recently launched a new initiative named #ElPoderDeLaComida.

The inception of #ElPoderDeLaComida (which translates to “The Power of Food”) derives from the Venezuelan chef’s desire to be proactive about serving those who experience food insecurity.

But #ElPoderDeLaComida is much more than an initiative. Chef James says it’s a movement that brings out the best parts of ourselves by helping others. 

Tahhan, 31, understands that there are people who don’t have access to equitable opportunities regarding housing and basic needs. This is why he decided to share meals – cooked by him and his team – with the houseless communities in Miami, Florida.

His hope is to have #ElPoderDeLaComida reaches communities beyond South Florida. The next step is to propagate it to other cities nationwide and eventually make it to Latin America. 

On his YouTube channel, Chef James says that he has always been a giving person but never one to give and display it on social networks.

“This time, I display it not to show you what I’m doing but to inspire you to do the same,” the chef explains in Spanish. 

The food used for this cause is donated. Chef James cooks in his backyard or any premise available and concocts delicious meals for people experiencing homelessness. He spends time with them and shares a genuine, human connection. 

“Sharing is the purest and most selfless act we can do in the name of food,” he says on his Súmate a #ElPoderDeLaComida campaign on his channel.

Should anyone feel compelled to donate any items for #ElPoderDeLaComida, you can do it here.

Chef James has been sharing his culinary knowledge on television for nearly a decade. He also founded a cooking academy, FoodieEscuela, during this time. 

Not one to be known for staying still, he has authored the book “Cocina en casa con Chef James,” as well. 

You can follow his steps on his very active Instagram account and on BELatina TV. 

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