La Plaza Cocina: A New Museum Dedicated Solely to Mexican Food

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If you’re a foodie and a lover of Mexican cuisine, then you already know that traditional Mexican dishes are sacred works of art to forever be celebrated. And thankfully, now there is a place where we can formally and collectively admire and enjoy all the beauty that comes from Mexican culinary masterpieces.

La Plaza Cocina is a museum dedicated entirely to Mexican Food, scheduled to open in downtown L.A. this spring.

La Plaza Cocina Is a Place Where Food and Culture Come Together

The concept behind this museum and cultural experience is that the heart of the Mexican home is the kitchen, and in order to truly appreciate and understand Mexican culture and the way that Mexican culture has impacted the American experience, you need to celebrate and understand Mexican cuisine.

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And that impact is undeniable in certain cities throughout the country, especially in Los Angeles. According to John Echeveste, chief executive of LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, in a Los Angeles Times article, “Los Angeles is the Mexican food capital of the country, and it deserves a place that celebrates the history and culture that we have with Mexican food…it’s important, not only to Latino families, but anyone who eats.”

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So what can you expect at La Plaza Cocina? Well, don’t assume it will be a boring, spectator experience simply because it’s called a museum. This museum is different; in fact, it’s more of an experiential journey than it is a display. In an effort to truly celebrate all that Mexican cuisine, and culture, have to offer, La Plaza Cocina will have not only exhibitions and lectures, but also interactive programs and events. This Mexican food mecca will serve as a venue to learn more about and appreciate all the joy and flavor that comes from Mexican cuisine, past and present. It will be a community for food lovers and Latino families alike — a vibrant gathering place to learn about the history of Mexican cuisine in a casual, interactive setting.  

La Plaza Cocina Is a Culinary Educational Experience

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And if watch-and-learn isn’t really your thing, this museum will also have a teaching kitchen. Think interactive cooking classes with professional chefs, wine tasting classes, and educational courses teaching about specialty dishes, local ingredients and cultural origins of well-known Mexican foods. Clearly, this museum is more than just a spectator attraction; after all, looking at food is fun, but actually cooking cultural dishes and then devouring your work is far more enjoyable. At this facility you will be able to learn cooking tricks of the trade from some of the best chefs who hail from Mexico and the United States, all ready and passionate about sharing their craft with fellow foodies.

“Mexican food is one of our greatest cultural contributions to the world,” said LA Plaza founder and Board member Gloria Molina in an interview with Latino Foodie. “La Cocina will serve as a central space where we can experience, share, savor, and explore the rich history and contemporary interpretations of Mexican culinary arts.”

We know what you’re really wondering. Yes, there will be delicious Mexican food to eat. According to Echeveste, in addition to the cooking classes there may also be a vendor serving fresh tortillas and quesadillas to keep foodie patrons satisfied. Plus, there will be a specialty store where you can buy spices, books and even cultural cooking utensils.

LA Plaza Cocina is slated to open in Spring 2019, though the exact date is yet to be announced. It will be located in LA Plaza Village, in the heart of the El Pueblo Historical Monument area of downtown Los Angeles.

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