Colombian Queen Sofia Vergara Secures 5-Year Restraining Order Against Stalker

Colombian Queen Sofia Vergara Secures 5-Year Restraining Order Against Stalker
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One of our Colombian queens, Sofia Vergara, has been going through it. She recently had to deal with a stalker – again. However, in an attempt to secure safety for her and her son, Manolo, she emerged victorious in her legal battle against an alleged stalker, Gregory Aaron Brown, securing a maximum five-year restraining order. 

According to The Independent, the “Modern Family” star had initiated legal action last November, seeking protection from Brown, 34, after citing his repeated intrusions near her Los Angeles residence. Brown’s history, including a 2021 vandalism conviction related to Vergara’s property, propelled her plea for legal recourse. 

Judge Christine J. Gonong granted Vergara’s request for an extended restraining order on Wednesday, December 13. This decision followed compelling testimonies from witnesses Detective Sammy Cruz and Luis Balaguer, validating Vergara’s concerns. 

Court records detailed a harrowing account of Brown’s actions, alleging that upon his parole release in July 2023, he trespassed near Vergara’s home, bellowing claims of ownership over the star. Brown’s purported actions, including hiking through hills to evade security, and a disturbing letter expressing his intent to be with Vergara, fueled her distress. 

While Vergara wasn’t present in court, previous legal documents emphasized her fear and distress caused by Brown’s persistent and menacing behavior. The relentless stalking and harassment, as highlighted in court, have left the actress in a constant state of anxiety and emotional distress. 

What Does This Mean for Sofia Vergara and Her Son?

Described as a “mentally unstable stalker” fixated on Vergara, Brown’s delusional beliefs about an existing relationship with the actress and her son were presented as a cause for alarm. The documents painted a picture of a deeply concerning situation, expressing credible threats of violence and imminent danger to Vergara’s well-being. 

Sofia Vergara’s attorney, Evan Spiegel, refrained from offering any comments to the media regarding the ongoing situation. 

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