Que Chimba: Colombian Urban Artists That Should Be On Your Radar

Que Chimba: Colombian Urban Artists That Should Be On Your Radar
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Colombia has become a mecca for Spanish-language urban music. It took years to cultivate the scene, especially since Panama, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic have led the way with urban music. (And, for the most part, continue to do so.) Yet, there’s no denying that Colombia has earned a seat at the table.  

Though J Balvin put Colombia on the map a few years ago, at least in terms of reggaeton and urban music, his successors are giving the music scene a different twist. We are talking beyond Karol G and what the mainstream may be playing.

This is why we’ve compiled a short list of Colombian urban artists that should be on your radar – if they’re not yet. 

Ryan Castro  

From singing in buses in his hometown of Medellín, Colombia to paving his way through the music production industry by singing in bars and clubs, Ryan Castro is an urban star on the verge of his boom. His professional singing career began in 2017 and has skyrocketed since then. His first single was “Morena” and has continued to make hits since then. Some of his most notable songs are “Jordan,” which references the basketball player Michael Jordan, and “Wasa Wasa,” a song that has over 40 million streams on Spotify.  

Castro has sung alongside Karol G, Justin Quiles, and Feid, among other artists.  


Queer urban artists are on the rise – and it’s a great thing to see. Finally, people are feeling comfortable enough to live in their truth. From Young Miko to Villano Antillano, their representation is something that should not be taken lightly. Well, this is the case for Nath as well.  

Nataly Osorio Corral, better known as NATH, grew up witnessing the growth of urban music in Colombia. She saw J Balvin, Maluma, and Karol G become who they are now, which inspired her to follow in their footsteps. Though she’s still early in her professional singing career, she has made great strides already. She’s recorded music with Ryan Castro, Blessd, La Gabi, and more.  

She recently released a song with Ryan Castro titled “Deseándote;” it already has over one million views on YouTube.  


Stiven Mesa Londoño, better known as Blessd, rose to fame recently. At only 22 years of age, he not only sings and performs freestyle, but also composes his songs. Blessd, or “el bendecido” as he’s lovingly called, began his musical career when he was 15 years old and started participating in rap battles in Bogotá, Colombia as a hobby. However, he realized there was more to his hobby when he returned to Medellín. Growing up in a humble neighborhood, he understood that his passion could afford him a different opportunity in life.  

The first song Blessd released was “Contigo.” However, it was “Infiel” that boosted his confidence; his entire neighborhood learned the song. The Colombian artist was also famously part of the song “Medallo,” which he sang along with Justin Quiles and Lenny Tavárez. 

Keep an eye out for these artists because they can soon enter the same grounds as Karol G, Maluma, and J Balvin.  

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