Popular TV Host Don Francisco Reveals Bad Bunny Hasn’t Answered His Calls

Popular TV Host Don Francisco Revealed Bad Bunny Hasn’t Answered His Calls belatina latine
Credit: Bad Bunny, Instagram/ Don Francisco, Carlos Figueroa Rojas

We know that music artists are always busy recording, touring, traveling, and holding press conferences. 

When it comes to singers like Bad Bunny, it’s not uncommon to think that his agenda is — most likely — full to the point where it becomes impossible to find a free space. Well, this might be the reason why famous television host Don Francisco criticized the Puerto Rican artist.

According to BioBioChile, a Chilean press company, Don Francisco was having a conversation with journalist Rodrigo Sepúlveda during a Meganoticias Alerta newscast edition when the reporter asked Mario Kreutzberger — Don Francisco’s real name — in a funny tone if they were going to the Bad Bunny concert on Saturday, October 29, in Santiago, Chile.

With an unexpected response, the TV host seemed to complain about not being able to get in touch with El Conejo Malo, even after, he said, he was one of the first on-air personalities to give the singer the opportunity to be on television. 

“When you talk to Bad Bunny, tell him that I was the first one to put him on television. I have never been able to talk to him again,” Don Francisco told the journalist. “I have called him several times, but he did not answer. But I said ‘well, if he didn’t answer me it’s because he doesn’t want to talk to answer me.’”

During the conversation with Sepúlveda, Don Francisco admitted that Benito Martínez Ocasio has a different personality from the one known by the public, stating that the singer’s charisma can be “very aggressive.”

“He comes from absolute modesty. He was carrying the packages in a supermarket, and that’s how people began to listen to him. Imagine what he has come to,” said Kreutzberger.

Bad Bunny was part of the last Telemundo’s Don Francisco te invita episode, which aired back in 2018. 

During his presentation on the Spanish-language talk show, Bad Bunny wore a green suit, while Don Francisco tried to copy his style by wearing black pants, a red casual jacket, a red cap, and some gold chains. 

Hopefully, we can see these two giants together at some point again!

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