10 Reasons why We are Downright Obsessed with Correspondent Dulcé Sloan

One of The Daily Show’s newest correspondents is Dulcé Sloan, a Miami-born comic that has taken the comedy world by storm. Her delivery, the subject matter she covers, and her ability to make you laugh while also learning are unparalleled. We love Dulcé Sloan and wanted to give you 10 reasons why we think you’ll love her too.

Being Real About Not Always Knowing What Her Calling Was

In her OZY feature video, Sloan is honest about being reluctant to embark on a career in comedy because she wasn’t sure if it was for her. These days, when it seems everyone always has everything figured out, it’s great to hear that sometimes people simply don’t. It took constant reminders and suggestions from comics to convince her to embark on her career in comedy.

Clearly and Beautifully Explaining Cultural Appropriation

Trevor Noah Dulce Sloan

During a Fashion Week segment on The Daily Show, Sloan perfectly and concisely explained the issues with cultural appropriation. She even hilariously called out Trevor Noah for him saying that cultural appropriation “isn’t really a big thing in South Africa,” by responding, “my ancestors thought white people were just embracing them, too!”

Calling Out the Fatphobia

Body Positivity Dulce Sloan IG @dulcesloan
Photo Credit IG @dulcesloan

At a routine visit to the dentist Sloan had to deal with a dentist trying to talk to about her weight and advise her on what she should do to change it. She told the dentist that his work is “chin up” and to not worry about her weight or appearance because “he’s just a dentist.” In several of her interviews she mentions being a fat Black women, feeling confident, self-assured, and living her best life when people look at her, perhaps confused by her confidence and presence.

Not Afraid to Get Political

Dulcé visited the border wall during a Daily Show segment and did not hold back on how ridiculous and devoid of reason the proposed Border Wall is because walls have literally never worked in history. She even posted about the violence at the United States Mexican border on Instagram. She’s spoken about pay inequality, white supremacy, and being a Black person under constant over-policing practices in the United States.

She Enjoys Drag Shows

Dulce Sloan Drag Queen encounter

She posted about meeting one of her favorite drag queens on her Instagram. Any girl that can shake from the excitement of meeting one of her favorite drag queens is someone we can get behind.

Casually Posting Hair Flex Pics

Dulce Sloan Braid Belatina
Photo Credit IG @dolcesloan

Whether she is rocking an afro, braids, or the timeless Easter press and curl, Dulcé’s hair always looks amazing!

She’s Working on Being Trilingual

Dame Dulcé Sloan Spanish Photo Credit IG @dulcesloan
Photo Credit IG @dulcesloan

Dulcé speaks English, Spanish, and is motivated by her love of K Dramas to learn Korean. She spoke about learning Korean a bit with Essence Magazine. We love anyone that is constantly learning, especially when they’re tackling one of the most difficult languages to learn as a non-native speaker.

She’s One of Rolling Stone’s 10 Comedians You Need to Know in 2017

Rolling Stone Dulcé Sloan Belatina
Photo Credit Rolling Stone Digital Magazine

According to Rolling Stone, “Dulcé Sloan is wildly confident for a young stand-up. She doesn’t need to seduce, bully or otherwise cajole audiences into listening; she speaks and they simply fall in line behind her, ready to hear everything she’s got to say about Spanx or why it’s better to fear the Congolese than Chicagoans. Chances are Sloan’s self-assured sass will lead to great things, and sooner rather than later.”

Co-Starring in TWO Pilot Shows Back to Back

Dulcé Sloan happy Belatina

Sloan co-starred alongside Eva Longoria and Amy Poehler in Type A and Dumb Prince. There is no question that she is definitely putting in WORK.

Keeping it Real About How People Invade Personal Space

Stand up on Conan Dulcé Sloan
Photo Credit THR

Her standup on Conan touched on gay men grabbing her breast without permission, white women touching her hair without permission, and unsolicited advances from men who tell her she should lose weight but later take her out.

Dulcé is an amazing, confident, hilarious, and raw comic that we love. You can catch her on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and follow her on Instagram.

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