Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for ‘La Borinqueña Volume 1,’ Bringing Superhero Adventure to Fans

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for ‘La Borinqueña Volume 1,' Bringing Superhero Adventure to Fans
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Get ready for an exciting new chapter in the world of graphic novels as award-winning Latino creator and philanthropist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez prepares to launch his highly anticipated crowdfunding campaign. On June 7, 2023, fans will have the opportunity to pre-order “La Borinqueña Volume 1,” an oversized hardcover collecting 300-plus pages from Miranda-Rodriguez’s first four graphic novels. This special collection promises to captivate readers with the thrilling adventures of the titular character and support Miranda-Rodriguez’s philanthropic efforts. 

According to an official press release, Miranda-Rodriguez has teamed up with Zoop, an all-in-one pre-order, production, fulfillment, and marketing solution for independent publishers, to make “La Borinqueña Volume 1” available for pre-order. This collaboration ensures that fans, retailers, and libraries will have convenient access to this highly anticipated release.  

La Borinqueña continues to prove that it is special

“La Borinqueña Volume 1” features the complete story arc of Miranda-Rodriguez’s beloved character, which has been in development over the past seven years. This collection will include the first issue of “La Borinqueña,” which is now a part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Alongside it, readers will find “La Borinqueña #2,” “La Borinqueña #3,” and the critically acclaimed team-up edition, “La Borinqueña Guest Starring Rosario Dawson.” 

Supporting Puerto Rico: In addition to providing readers with an immersive superhero experience, “La Borinqueña Volume 1” continues Miranda-Rodriguez’s commitment to charity work. His efforts have already raised and awarded $200,000 in micro-grants to non-profit organizations throughout Puerto Rico. By supporting this crowdfunding campaign, fans can contribute to the ongoing positive impact on the island. 

The influence of “La Borinqueña” extends beyond entertainment, as the graphic novels have become educational resources in schools and universities. They are taught in public and private schools throughout Puerto Rico and the United States, as well as prestigious institutions such as MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Fordham, and Colgate. 

The stunning cover artwork for “La Borinqueña Volume 1” was created by talented DC Comics cover artist Ariel Jesús Colón, known for his work on Acton Comics, Green Lantern, and Dark Crisis. Inside the book, readers will be treated to captivating story art by Will Rosado and Christopher Sotomayor, with Miranda-Rodriguez providing the engaging storyline. 

Mark your calendars for June 7, 2023, as Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez embarks on an exciting crowdfunding campaign for “La Borinqueña Volume 1.” This oversized hardcover collection promises to deliver an unforgettable superhero adventure while supporting worthy causes in Puerto Rico. With its educational significance and a talented team of artists involved, “La Borinqueña Volume 1” is set to become a must-have for comic book enthusiasts and fans alike. 

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