Women HERStory: Emerging Latine Actresses We Celebrate All Year Long

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Latine women have been making herstory and paving the way for aspiring artists of all generations more than ever in recent years. 

From using social media as a portfolio and launching pad to finally being given the widespread recognition and opportunity they deserve, Latine actresses are making themselves known in Hollywood and beyond.

Though the list of icons making their debut and reveling in their success has been steadily growing, we wanted to showcase a few that we think you should keep on your radar!  

Didi Romero

Starting out as a content creator making skits, parodies, and story-times on her social media channels, the Puerto Rican comedian grew a solid fan base on the Island that later expanded to an international crowd. Keeping up with collaborations and sponsorships, she went on to pursue her studies in musical theater in the United States. Upon graduating, she made herstory as the star of Disney’s first upcoming Puerto Rican series, “Gina Yei. 

Starting on March 29, she’ll be starring as Katherine Howard in the North American tour of the Broadway production, “SIX.”

Michaela Antonia Jaé Rodriguez

Earlier this year, Michaela Jaé (formerly MJ Rodriguez) made herstory after being the first transgender actress to win the Golden Globe for best actress in a television series for her performance in Pose. Prior to this incredible win, Michaela set another historic record by being the first Afro-Latine performer to be nominated for an Emmy, and the third Latina after Rita Moreno and America Ferrera, for the same role as Blanca Evangelista.

In the coming months, she’ll be playing Sofia alongside co-star Maya Rudolph in the upcoming Apple TV+ comedy series, Loot.

Sara Echeagaray


this is called boredom #fyp

♬ high school musical – Aliyatudisco

Throughout the last couple of years, Sara Echeagaray has gained a massive following on TikTok. With over 7+ million followers and over 260 million likes, she’s grown and gained exposure thanks to her comedy skits, lip-sync acting, and stitch collaborations with other actors on the platform. This has also given a massive boost to her collective following across platforms. 

Born to Mexican parents, she has recently landed her debut on the second season of Disney+’s “Big Shot,” alongside actor John Stamos. Sara paves the way for other Latine, Gen-Z creators that dream of turning their short-form content into longer-form appearances on the big screen and on broadcast TV.

Stephanie Beatriz

It’s been quite an exciting few months for the Argentina-born actress Stephanie Beatriz. The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “In the Heights” star was recently one of the presenters of the 94th annual Academy Awards. She voiced the lead role for Disney’s latest Pixar animation success, “Encanto.” In an interview with Out, Stephanie delved into what representation as a queer, immigrant, Latine woman meant to her, “The fact that I am in this film and have this incredible opportunity to bring this character to life is really amazing, because there was a time, not too long ago, where someone like me wouldn’t have even been written for in a Disney film.”

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