From ‘Hero’ to the Trilogy Tour: Enrique Iglesias’ Musical Journey Under Scrutiny 

From ‘Hero’ to the Trilogy Tour: Enrique Iglesias' Musical Journey Under Scrutiny 
Credit: Eva Rinaldi from Sydney, Australia

When people think of the name Iglesias, it often resonates with a heritage of soulful ballads and impassioned melodies. Julio Iglesias, revered as one of the foremost ballad singers in the Spanish-language music scene, fashioned a legacy that his son, Enrique Iglesias, proudly carries. However, Enrique doesn’t seem to be getting the same praise his father once received.  

Born into a lineage of musical talent, Enrique embarked on his own odyssey, crafting hits that echoed the essence of love and raw emotion. Who remembers “Hero” and “Bailando”? Those songs hit ‘til this day. Yet, he has been away from the spotlight for a few years, hence leaving his fans yearning to watch him perform his song.  

Well, they finally got the opportunity to watch him live thanks to Enrique being part of the Trilogy Tour – and there are a lot of feelings.  

Enrique, alongside Pitbull and Ricky Martin, are giving fans exactly what they wanted. Upon the announcement of the tour, everyone was going crazy for it. But, due to social media, the hype has taken a different direction, one where Enrique isn’t painted in the best way.  

During the first performances in Canada, Enrique’s voice was scrutinized. A lot of people were wondering what was going on with his once-sultry voice. However, others were confident this was happening because Iglesias didn’t have the help of a microphone with auto-tune. There is a lot of commentary online circulating – and it’s all over the place.  


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Should People Give Enrique Iglesias a Chance?

Yet, it seems as though people are failing to give him the recognition he deserves. Remember, Enrique was one of the first Spanish-language artists to successfully do a crossover with the Anglo music industry. Also, one can’t forget that he hasn’t performed in years – and practice makes perfect. Maybe we should give him a chance to warm up more?  

The Trilogy Tour is currently ongoing and there are plenty of cities left. Though the internet is being ruthless at the moment (no surprise there), we can only hope that Iglesias is given the opportunity to redeem himself, musically.  

Will you be joining the Trilogy Tour? 

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