Reggaetón Pioneer Arcángel Unites Cultures in Unexpected Collaboration with Peso Pluma 

Reggaetón Pioneer Arcángel Unites Cultures in Unexpected Collaboration with Peso Pluma 
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Puerto Rican artist, Arcángel, is one of the pioneers within the reggaeton industry. He came up with other greats such as Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, and Ivy Queen.  

He’s made it a point to enjoy every moment in his musical career and is not afraid to push boundaries. In fact, the Latino rapper, also known as Austin Agustín Santos, shocked his fans as he released a track alongside Peso Pluma. The song is titled “La Chamba” and it embodies the essence of reggaetón’s pulsating beats while delivering a message of hardworking people – which resonates with so many people. The music video also features Danny Trejo, making it feel like a movie more than anything.  

Arcángel, a pioneering figure in the genre, teamed up with the talented Peso Pluma, known for his distinctive style and success in Regional Mexican music. Together, they crafted a musical gem that seamlessly melds their individual voices, resulting in a collaboration worthy of celebration. 

Arcángel Continues to Reach

This collaboration, however, was a surprise to some people considering he had some strong things to say about Mexicans and urban music in the past. In August 2022, he ignited a fervent discussion within the Latin music community by expressing his views on Mexican reggaetón during an interview with Molusco.  

“El reguetón cabrón, es el único género que todos quieren cantar. Los mexicanos quieren hacer reguetón, ¿nosotros queremos hacer ranchero? … okay.”  

Find the rough translation below: 

“The damn reggaetón, it’s the only genre everyone wants to sing. Mexicans want to do reggaetón, do we [Puerto Ricans] want to do ranchero? … okay.”  

Though Arcángel apologized for such a statement at a later date, it left a bad taste for many Mexican and Latin music lovers.  

Despite this, “La Chamba” stands as a testament to the genre’s ability to transcend borders and unite artists in their passion for creating music that resonates universally. Some people are here for it, while others are not into the song. Still, this gives us a glimpse of the evolution of reggaeton – and where it’s headed. Evidently, it seems to be getting more inclusive. 

Nevertheless, this collaboration, produced by the legendary Tainy, exemplifies the power of artistic fusion. Arcángel and Peso Pluma each brought their unique flair to the table, creating a synergy that elevated “La Chamba” to extraordinary heights. Their voices merge perfectly to send out a message that many Latinos are familiar with.  

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