Eva Longoria Films Her Latest Project, ‘Land of Women,’ in Spanish

Eva Longoria Films Her Latest Project, 'Land of Women,' in Spanish
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Apple TV+ has rolled out the red carpet for its eagerly awaited series, “Land of Women,” featuring and produced by the acclaimed Eva Longoria. Known for her iconic roles and dynamic presence in the entertainment industry, this project marks Longoria’s first Spanish-language endeavor. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas, the 49-year-old Mexican descent actress has long aspired to master the language of her heritage. With a Mexican husband, a bilingual son, and an extensive project predominantly in Spanish, Longoria has fully embraced her Latina roots. 

The trailer for “Land of Women” promises a captivating six-episode dramedy that will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on June 26, with two initial episodes, followed by weekly releases every Wednesday until July 24. The series draws inspiration from Sandra Barneda’s bestselling novel “La tierra de las mujeres” and stars Eva Longoria as Gala, alongside renowned actress Carmen Maura, newcomer Victoria Bazúa, and Santiago Cabrera. The series was filmed twice: in English and in Spanish.  

“Land of Women” weaves a dramatic tale of Gala, a wealthy New Yorker whose life is turned upside down when her husband’s unpaid debts to dangerous criminals force her to flee. Accompanied by her elderly mother, Julia (played by Maura), and her teenage daughter, Kate (portrayed by Bazúa), Gala escapes to her mother’s quaint hometown in northern Spain. This town, brimming with charm and secrets, becomes the backdrop for a series of unfolding family truths and hidden pasts as gossip spreads quickly in the tight-knit community. 

Apple Studios and Eva Longoria Work Towards Their Vision

Behind the scenes, “Land of Women” is a product of Apple Studios, created by Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, and Paula Fernández, and directed by Iris Award winner Carlos Sedes. The series is brought to life by Bambú Producciones and features executive producers including showrunner Campos, Neira, Sedes, Iris Award winner Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Ben Spector, Sandra Condito, and Longoria herself, through her media company Hyphenate Media Group, co-founded with business partner Cris Abrego in 2023. 

Eva Longoria’s “Land of Women” is set to be another jewel in Apple TV+’s crown, promising an engaging narrative that resonates with audiences, while showcasing its drive to bring more diversity to its studios.  

Will you be watching this new series? 

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