From Arriving 8 Hours Late to the Concert Being Allegedly Orchestrated by a Narco, Romeo Santos’ Show in Venezuela Was a Nightmare

From Arriving 8 Hours Late to the Concert Being Allegedly Orchestrated by a Narco, Romeo Santos’ Show in Venezuela Was Nightmare
Credit: Fernando Navarro Urrutia/ WikiCommons

A scheduled concert in Venezuela turned into a complete mess when the event of bachata singer Romeo Santos, slated for 8:00 PM on Sunday, started at 4:00 AM on Monday, with most fans having left the premises by then. People couldn’t wait eight hours for the artist to come out. 

According to Infobae, the Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, announced an investigation against the concert promoters who “injured and abused the good faith of the singer’s fans.”  

This investigation was propelled by the revelation that the alleged mastermind behind the organization was Juan Carlos Araujo Duran, currently detained and on trial for being the owner of an aircraft seized in 2015 in the Dominican Republic, carrying 459 kilograms of cocaine. 

Araujo Duran, incarcerated for narcotics trafficking, allegedly orchestrated the event from El Rodeo II prison, approximately 33 miles from Caracas, exploiting internal complicity. 

Moreover, Araujo Duran is accused of duping organizers of a prior Anuel concert, employing these entertainment companies to “legitimize funds.” The director of El Rodeo II is already in custody on corruption charges, as per the prosecutor’s remarks. 

Venezuela’s recent strategy of reclaiming control of detention centers from gangs involved in extortion and drug trafficking didn’t encompass El Rodeo II, where Araujo Duran carried out his orchestrations. 

Romeo Santos Expressed His Frustration

As per Excelsior, upon finally taking the stage, Santos apologized to the audience, acknowledging the tardiness as “irresponsible and disrespectful.” He explained that this was a deviation from his 26-year career where he prided himself on “always being on time.” 

Araujo Duran, the former head of Producciones Solid Show 2050, was sentenced to 30 years in 2020 for drug trafficking and money laundering via his Venezuelan entertainment company. The intricate criminal network involved property, businesses, and the complicity of Venezuelan officials, facilitating illegal operations. 

This situation has become more complicated than Santos getting on stage at four A.M. Let’s see how the rest pans out. Let’s hope Romeo Santos is doing okay. 

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