Gaby Natale Joins Forces With Century 21 To Create Real Estate Career Opportunities for Latinas

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Journalist, motivational speaker, and author Gaby Natale has joined forces with Century 21 and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation to launch the enhanced Empowering Latinas program and create opportunities in real estate.

The initiative will award 121 education stipends to Latina entrepreneurs across the U.S., and Natale has been chosen as a spokesperson for the campaign. She will lead the brand’s first “IMPARABLES” virtual empowerment event on March 9.

“According to the Urban Institute, over the next 20 years, it is projected that Latinos will account for 70 percent of new homeownership growth in the U.S., so it is more important than ever that our industry of real estate professionals represent the same level of diversity as those communities we are serving in markets across the country,” said Mike Miedler, president and CEO, Century 21 Real Estate LLC. “It is crucial that we not only open the door for more diverse candidates to enter our industry, but that we provide them with the critical financial, educational, and business resources and support to set them on the path to real estate success. We are excited to bring the Empowering Latinas program to the next level as we identify the most promising Latina entrepreneurs across the country.”

Empowering Latinas is also in partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. It will consist of a national convening that will provide critical educational opportunities, including financial support, to 121 Latina entrepreneurs seeking to obtain a real estate license.

“HHF is thrilled to partner once again with the Century 21 brand in an effort to continue diversifying the access to financial education and job opportunities in real estate across America through the Century 21 Empowering Latinas Program,” said Antonio Tijerino, President and CEO of HHF. “It’s even more exciting to be working with a friend of mine and our organization, Gaby Natale as spokesperson of the national campaign.”

Natale will host “IMPARABLES,” the first virtual empowerment event focused on inspiring the next generation of real estate leaders.

“As someone who went from being unemployed to running a profitable business and becoming a bestselling author, I know how life can change dramatically for the better when you find the right tribe and tools,” said Natale. “Latinas are among the most resilient and entrepreneurial people of our time, but not every Hispanic woman has access to the tools and education they need to achieve financial freedom and create generational wealth. That’s why I am thrilled to partner with the Century 21 Empowering Latinas program as we help put more Latinas on the path towards success.”

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