A Conversation With Gaby Natale About Welcome All Beauty, Her New Hair Line

Welcome All Beauty Gaby Natale Photo courtesy of AGANAR/ Gaby Natale wearing “Make Some Waves” Belatina, latinx
Photo courtesy of AGANAR/ Gaby Natale wearing “Make Some Waves”

It is no secret that Latinos are predisposed to an entrepreneurial spirit unlike any other. This is especially true in the immigrant experience.  Whether or not you realize it, this experience itself can give you courage. As Gaby Natale puts it:  “When you come to the United States, you look around at all these possibilities,” she tells BELatina News. 

In her quest to develop her entrepreneurial core, Natale encountered some challenges that might be familiar to those who have immigrated to the States. 

For her, entrepreneurship was a privilege she had to work for. Initially, she could only work for her then-employer because she had an H-1B visa, a professional visa. 

“Being an entrepreneur was not considered in my mind a risk. It was a privilege that I had to earn when I got my green card.”

After diving in a painstakingly slow process consisting of towers of paperwork and frequently riddled with last-minute setbacks, she received her green card after four years. Since then, she’s been unstoppable. 

A new project

Natale has a sea of accomplishments; she’s a three-time Daytime EMMY® winner, a distinguished TV personality, a bestselling author, and a must-watch motivational speaker. 

However, she’s added another star to her universe of talents. She recently founded Welcome All Beauty in collaboration with QuickBooks.

Welcome All Beauty is the first collection of extensions, hairpieces, and wigs designed to create a camera-ready hairstyle in a quick, fun, and easy way. 

“My inspiration to create this line was the fact that I needed something on the go that would take little time, but  I couldn’t find the products,” she said.

She created this brand as a solution for women who are always on the run or simply don’t have the time to spend 3-5 hours in the salon. I think we can agree that time is precious. 

Yet, despite being equipped with bountiful resources thanks to her other ventures and counting on her specialized knowledge in different fields, the challenges were still present. 

“Everything about this project was new.”

“From the business model (direct-to-consumer and digitally first) to the type of product, it took us two years to develop Welcome All Beauty. On the way, we learned about packaging design, hair sourcing, supply chain, online marketing, and so many areas that were foreign in the beginning.”

The product of resilience and perseverance

However, the entrepreneur said that asking others who were ahead of the “beauty founder” journey was one of the ways they overcame some of these challenges. By doing this, they could make informed decisions that would benefit the creation and growth of her hairpiece business. 

They also did extensive research on the areas that were new to them, where they focused on the learning aspect of the business model of Welcome All Beauty.

That is a direct depiction of perseverance, which we all know is deep-rooted in the Latino and something Natale has very present within her. 

Getting to where she is now hasn’t been easy, though. She recalls applying for her first loan and being met with plenty of dead ends. 

“I didn’t have collateral. I didn’t have connections. I was not a homeowner at the time.”

“So, you really need somebody who will take a leap of faith in your idea in whatever you are doing, and that is something that  we don’t always find.”

It’s true. Latinos, especially first-generation, or those who have left their homes, friends, and family behind in their respective Latin American countries, seldom have the support needed to grow at a quicker pace. Many a time, we have to build from the ground up for the sake of our success and that of our future generations. 

But that resiliency is what’s at the heart of the success stories that inspire our community.

As most of us do, Natale used what she had at her reach and kept it moving. 

“What I had to my advantage is that I am very perseverant and that I’m a reporter. So, I did my research, and I found out that the Small Business Administration could provide free assessment and free help.”

A venture that welcomes all beauties

This Latina has made sure she does her due diligence with everything she’s done, and it’s evident with Welcome All Beauty

When asked about the different textures and hairpieces she carried, she said that inclusivity was always a priority for her. 

“In our line, you will find from the Break The Internet hair extension that has a bouncy, silky finish to the Make Some Waves clip in a pony for those who love more movement to our Curlicious Wig Collection  for our curl lovers and the natural puffs for those looking to create fab styles in afro textures.”

Welcome All Beauty Photo courtesy of AGANAR/ Model is wearing “Your Majesty Puff” Belatina, latinx
Photo courtesy of AGANAR/ Model is wearing “Your Majesty Puff”
Photo courtesy of AGANAR / Model is wearing “Break The Internet” Belatina, latinx
Photo courtesy of AGANAR / Model is wearing “Break The Internet”

And, if you’re wondering when is the best time to wear these hairpieces (which will, undoubtedly, make anyone’s life easier), she’s got you covered as well. 

“You have a business meeting or a zoom call and want to look polished in no time: get a power bun, girl! (it comes in straight and natural textures),” Natale recommends.

“Want to experiment with pink hair without any commitment? Get the I Am The Party ombre clip in a pony!”

Welcome All Beauty Photo courtesy of AGANAR/ Model is wearing “I Am The Party” Belatina, latinx
Photo courtesy of AGANAR/ Model is wearing “I Am The Party”

“Want to try our best selling hairpiece and ‘wow’ everyone? Choose BreakTheInternet for 22 inches of pure pre-styles perfection.”

As people, particularly Latinas, get busier, having things in place to make our day-to-day lives have become vital. 

Natale knows that our time is too valuable to waste away on just anything. 

“That’s why every single hairstyle we offer has been carefully crafted to be completed in less than five minutes with no professional help and no need for special skills.” 

The savvy Welcome All Beauty founder made sure to think about everything, which teaches other Latinas to do the same. It’s not every day that you find someone who’s created a brand that wants to share the ins and outs of their journey. In fact, she even gave us some pointers on creating a business. 

“I would tell anybody that your pain point is your business — whatever you’re not finding in the market at the time.  Like for me, I go and find hairpieces to be ready in five minutes or less,” she said. 

“That is where the opportunity is; if it’s happening to you and you are not finding that product, more than likely, there will be other people who are not finding solutions for that same problem.” 

Gaby Natale is a testament to carving out a path for herself without letting anything or anyone deter her. So, use her story as motivation to get started building what you’ve desired for so long. Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?