New Moon in Pisces: Positive Vibes for All

New Moon in Pisces March 2022 BELatina Latinx
Photo courtesy of BELatina.

A sweet, compassionate, and dreamy New Moon in Pisces arrives as the skies go dark and the new cycle begins, March 2, 2022, bringing a breath of fresh air, ease, and expansion to our mind, body, and spirit. 

This Moon carries mystical good vibes but keeps the tissues handy as our empathic, sensitive natures will have us tearing up with tears of joy and tears of empathy as situations unfold across the globe and in our own backyards. It’s time to set intentions for our personal and global goals, highlighting peace and well-being for all. 

Pisces is symbolized by the Fish swimming in different directions, highlighting the highs and lows that can be experienced with Pisces placements. A feminine, mutable water sign, Pisces guides us to reach for our most dreamy expansion and mystical dreams. In its shadow, Pisces can guide us to internal confusion, addiction, and martyrdom. When we are ready to face the truth, the Moon (emotions/intuition/mother) in Pisces (inspiration/flow/intuition) gently carries us forward with love and grace to aligned solutions and understanding. 

It’s a great time to release mindsets and get support with healing defense mechanisms that simply no longer serve in our current situations and relationships. Saying goodbye to what has worked but has worn out its welcome, as well as forgiving ourselves and others, allows us to regain that energy to magnetize more joy, lightness of being, and ease!  

New Moons are fresh, energetic foundations akin to clean slates that make way for the new. Every 28 days, we are blessed by a New Moon that holds profound potential for our dreams to be realized. There is less resistance from everyday life on New Moons and, with focus and intention, we can seed new realities and attract what we desire.

There is no need to “prove” you deserve love, abundance, or success with this New Moon as it nurtures the knowing that, because you live and breathe, this is your birthright. It may be difficult to swallow in a world that has overemphasized being “worthy” of certain things as if love and happiness are just for the “cool kids.” Well, with this Moon, we are all the cool kids potentializing our ability to live our best vidas!  

This Pisces Moon is all about spiritual guidance, intuition, and flow, so make time to take a healing bath or shower and get very clear on what you want to manifest during this New Moon because it will be making its way into your life! It may take a month or six, but these seedlings are worth planting because the ground is fertile with magical and powerful aspects! 

Love, joy, freedom, and our intuitive knowing are our birthright. Release ideas of having to prove yourself and embrace that you are enough and are worthy! 

Jupiter is in conjunction with the Moon, bringing a deeper commitment to self-care, nurturing, and home life overall. 

You can tap into this energy by reorganizing your home office, bedroom, dinner with your partner or bestie, or a spa day with amigas. If you choose to chill on your own, know that you’ll inevitably go deep into your own psyche examining and re-evaluating your purpose or life’s meaning, as well as receiving some inspirational, intuitive guidance! 

If Jupiter the expander highlights some uncomfortable feelings, get in that tub or get a massage! You’ve got this! This conjunction makes way for you to anchor the sense of comfort and safety in your everyday life. 

While this Moon is very watery, it’s also making exciting connections to the sea goat, Capricorn. Venus (love/values/), Mars (energy/will), and Pluto (transformation on a collective scale) are aligned in Capricorn (structure, boss energy), reactivating our desire to build on our dreams with efficient actions. 

These three planets will activate the Lunar Nodes of destiny, further lending the energy and inspiration to take the next steps to your big goals. We will undoubtedly look back months from now and understand how the intentions sowed at this time blossomed and bloomed in the coming 18 months to bring dynamic transformations in our lives!

If I could create anything in my life right now, what would that reality feel like? 

It’s important to be open to new opportunities to recognize when they arrive. This New Moon will soften even the most jaded of hearts. Folks with planets within 7 to 17 degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces will receive extra magical support doses. If you’ve been holding back in any area of your life, it’s time to take a stand for yourself and invite your most expansive dreams in!


Move away from your ambitious plans for a moment and explore your mystical side, understanding that it will support and feed your dreams! You don’t like to waste time, and doing a mindfulness meditation or spiritual healing will only magnify your energia on this New Moon! 


Show up for a humanitarian effort in your community, and remember that the Universe sends messages through people. As you give Taurus, you are receiving! Prepare to feel the love!


You know that your current position may have worn out its welcome, so let yourself dream big and get inspired to begin the project you’ve been secretly dreaming about! Time to let your creativity flow in different directions. You will be so happy you did!


Let your logical, critical mind rest for a moment and ride the wave of,” what if I can have what I am dreaming of?” Now move towards it as if you cannot fail. Your Ancestors are rooting for you!


Let yourself be vulnerable and let others show you their love. You’ve been carrying around too much pain on your own, and guess what? Others want to listen and help. Let them do so and experience the healing of feeling unwanted or unseen vanish on this blessed Moon! It’s time to shine!


You’ve been wanting the connection of friends and deeper relationships. You’ve stopped waiting. Get those plans moving and see who shows up. You’re on your way to strengthening old ties and creating fulfilling new ones! Don’t keep tabs on who does what, and just enjoy!


You’ve outdone yourself with social engagements, and you need to revamp your self-care, lively Libra! Mani-pedis aren’t enough, so make sure and take some alone time in nature to recharge and renegotiate your social networking calendar. The temporary solitude will inspire you. 


Your desire for passion and romance is stirring thanks to this sexy, sensitive Moon! Take time to flirt, and flirt some more. You never know what can be started or rekindled! The New Moon dares you to find out. 


You’ve hidden disappointments with laughter and much running around. This Moon slows you down enough to heal and let go of these experiences as you prepare for your next inspired adventures!


You’re always ahead of the pack, ambitiously opening the way for yourself and others. Time to fall back, enjoy a meal with friends and remember that you’re not alone and that social connections nurture you so you can continue climbing! 


Whether you like it or not, this Moon brings forth many emotions you’ve buried under your intense intellect in the last six months. Feel your feelings and embrace your whole self. You’ll be glad you did!


Extra blessings and energy for you on this Moon, dear fishy! You’ve been cocooning in profound transformation, and it’s time to fly. Magic time!

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