Girls in Latin America Are in Danger: Another Foreigner Is Arrested After Planning to Abuse Underage Colombian Girls

Girls in Latin America Are in Danger: Another Foreigner Is Arrested After Planning to Abuse Underage Colombian Girls

Stefan Andrés Correa, a 42-year-old man from the United States, was apprehended by authorities as he prepared to board a flight to Medellín. He is accused of allegedly intending to travel to Colombia to sexually abuse four girls between the ages of 10 and 12. Additionally, he is under investigation for sharing sexual material of underage girls through online chats. 

According to El Colombiano, the capture of Correa, a pharmaceutical professional, occurred on April 19 during a police operation where conversations were found where he offered $300,000 Colombian pesos and an iPhone 7 or 8 to fulfill his sexual intentions and avoid any legal issues. The arrest took place at the Miami International Airport, just before boarding the commercial flight bound for El Dorado, Bogota, and then to José María Córdova, Rionegro. He was intercepted by a group of agents from the US Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) based on the complaints against him. 

The investigation into Correa dates back to 2022 as per the aforementioned publication, when authorities began analyzing the reasons for his recurrent trips to Colombia, totaling 45 visits from then until the present date according to immigration authorities. During this period, he allegedly recorded pornographic videos of his victims, which he shared in chats with other individuals. Investigations revealed that on many of his trips, he negotiated to sexually exploit minors, often making payments to human trafficking networks he had contacted from his home country. 

What Medellín Is Saying About This Terrible Event

Mayor Federico Gutiérrez of Medellin expressed concern about this situation. Once again, he is fighting to protect children and, like the rest of Colombia, is in complete disbelief about this terrible event. 


Correa is set to be presented before a Florida court where he will face charges for these sexual offenses, potentially leading to a sentence ranging from 15 years to life imprisonment. 

The joint efforts of HSI units from Miami, Cleveland, and Bogota, along with the US Customs and Border Protection Office and the Judicial Attaché of the Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Section of Colombia, led to Correa’s capture.  

This marks the ninth foreigner apprehended for sexual crimes in Medellin, with eight being prosecuted in Colombia or the United States, and one released due to the minor involved having falsified documentation. 

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