Horoscope for 2022, the Year of Embodied Healing

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Photo courtesy of Belatina.com

2022 is not a year to sit on the sidelines watching with crunchy popcorn in hand. Oh, no. Absolutely not. After all, the year began with the New Moon in Capricorn, inviting us to be the producer, director, and star of our own lives! 

This year rolls in on an earth sign and the North Node in Taurus grounds us in our bodies and our connection to the earth. It’s not an airy year. It’s one where the foundations matter more than ever. 

With the South Node in Scorpio, the themes of healing and transformation of our bodies, ways of life, and how we treat the earth are key.  

It can feel like some serious “adulting” awaits. 

Taking the time to build strong foundations affords us greater freedom and confidence in the long run and this year helps us root into that knowledge while building with more optimism and espíritu. 

2022 is packed with opportunities for fulfilled promises, abundance, and growth, in turn deepening our practice of discernment and strategy. We will be taking our choice-making skills to the next level.  

On the one hand, if we’ve done the work, our cups can runneth over – it’s tempting to make certain purchases or overextend ourselves because so many of us have been cooped up for almost two years. 

Be mindful of creating economic instability for yourself through your choices. Weight the pros and cons and set yourself up to survive and thrive no matter the circumstances. This means saving money will be vital for us this year and create avenues for more income. 

If you have a hobby, a dream, or always wanted to create a side hustle, this is your year!  

Keep your feet on the ground with your current job opportunity or by living with family and/or roommates as you explore and develop other paths to greater financial wealth and stability. 

Structure and discipline do not mean we stay within the prescribed societal mandates. We can ride the energy of Jupiter (known for optimism/expansion) and the new Nodal axis to create a lifestyle that serves our unique gifts so we can thrive! 

Now, in order to be well-prepared for all that is to come, here are the 2022 horoscopes! 

Remember that these are meant for inspiration and that our rising sign and personal planets affect our yearly outlooks as well. 

You can read both your sun sign and rising sign to get a clearer picture of themes for the year.


This Guerrera needs a break and the beginning of 2022 asks you to take your time. Read that again, ardent Aries. While you may want to run out and lead the pack this new year, rest is on the agenda. You absolutely need this time to tend to yourself and your dreams. It’s not time to share what you’re working on now; it’s time to nurture it! Big changes are on the horizon and burning out before you cross the finish line isn’t a good look – so trust the stars and chill.

This year your nap isn’t just a nap. Your sleep isn’t your regular light, REM, and deep sleep. It’s a time to secretly cavort with the Angels of healing and receive guidance from the deep unconscious reservoirs that lie beneath the surface. It’s the proverbial glacier and your support goes deep, Aries. From January to May, please rest and dream like your life depends on it because when you are finally called into full action you’ll be victorious and feel unbeatable!

Mid-May, you are awakened from your slumber and arise renewed. The Universe is still moving to support you behind the scenes and you’re in line for a promotion, pay increase, or business expansion!

The North Node in Taurus moves through your 2nd house of values, resources, and abundance all of 2022, promising an increase in all areas related to your livelihood. The eclipses show you new ways of investing and spending. This year you choose more luxury and beauty and allow yourself more time to smell las rosas

The South Node allows you to release partnerships, ghosts of alliances, and business arrangements that have worn out their welcome. You’re also invited to release bitterness, sadness, anger, and resentment that isn’t yours. We all take on the unconscious pain and patterns of our family members. Are you still carrying wounds from your mother or Abuela? How has it affected your relationships? Spend some time journaling, in therapy, or some form of healing, especially the first four months of the year. 

You tend to push yourself hard and, while there is a part of you that is proud of your courage and strength, the Universe promises that out of this slowing down, there will be unforeseen blessings and surprises that will restore some of that hope that may have been lost in 2021. Here’s to a year filled with hope, abundance, ease, and grace!


Ay, sturdy Taurus, this year, you get your wings! After stubbornly surviving all the things, you are now transformed from a four-legged bull to one with wings! Pegasus, the winged horse, carries you into the heights, and this year is nothing short of miraculous as the North Node in Taurus promises you everything and fulfills even more! February, March, April, and early May ensure that you will get more than your fill of beauty, pleasure, and self-growth this year. 

You’ve been the community gatherer to many and this year is no different.

You continue to gather, grow, and share – that abundance, recognition, and support shower you wherever you go. You will be at the right place, at the right time, and what you say and/or write lands in all the aligned places and spaces! The Universe is conspiring towards your outrageous success, and it’s essential to get out of your own way. 

Your ability to read the public will be at an all-time high, and in April, you’ll have a preternatural way of knowing what the collective needs and an uncanny way of delivering!

By late May into October, you’re invited inwards to tend to your psyche and the shadows that arise during such a time of expansion. Mindsets around success and societal limitations must be transformed. The eclipses in Taurus inform you of the fullest best life you can aspire to and support you in achieving them. The South Node in Scorpio asks that you reassess your love life and connections. It’s time to expand in all areas of your life and allow the Universe to work through you! Allow for miracles!


Love flows through you in these first four months of the year, nurturing your often hidden tender heart. Your understanding of what was lost in 2021 is now integrated at a deeper level. As you stepped into bigger spaces last year, you were met with the truth that shifted how you lived and breathed. In 2022, you can now trust, love, and breathe again – even more freely than before.

The nodal axis of 2021 did its deep work on you and you were called inward to make sense of the chaos. You are ready to share with others again – and the world cannot wait! New audiences, markets, communities, and friends await your return. You’ve deepened. You’ve learned and you are so ready to shape this knowledge into something that can be shared with your community.

Mid-May, you feel the effects of Jupiter flowing into Aries with increased energy and a new decisiveness that leads you forward, unapologetically. You don’t care about what is trendy. Instead, you channel through the new and innovative, and audiences receive you with open arms and hearts!

You’ll find that there are opportunities to share your story, your journey, and your work like never before. Rest and quiet will balance out the fast and furious, and you will find your flow more easily this year. Mars spends much time in your sign in the latter part of the year and you dare to begin again in a particular area of your life that was wiped clean during the nodal axis of Gemini-Sagittarius. 

You carry the energy of transformation and the masses are ready! You came close to the edge and survived. How do you want to thrive this year? How do you feel called to share with others? 


The poetry and beauty of the world that have helped you make sense of your wounds calls you forward now. Wanderlust arises and you feel moved to leave your most sacred place: your home. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you relocate, but it does mean that you’ve done some cocooning and are now ready to spread your wings! Seek out new environments that feed your soul and allow yourself to step into the beauty of this new phase of your life!

Cancer rules the home and is often perceived as a homebody. This year you are the adventurer. Always stepping outside of the norm is highlighted and breaking free of the comfort you so carefully built over the years will allow you to grow by leaps and bounds! Even if unsure, take a trip, a class, or go to a retreat. While these may seem like accessible choices, they are part of the process of understanding what dreams are temporary and which ones feed your soul’s purpose!

Cancer, you are an intuitive and nurturing soul. It’s time to let go of the unofficial babysitting gigs you’ve taken on. As an empath (emotional intuitive), you sense people’s needs but often forget your own. Focus on the pleasure that creating brings in all its phases and deepen intimacy with the most important life-long relationship you’ll encounter, the one with yourself.

You will be called to join a collective, a healing circle, or a garden club. You’ll feel the need to have time off social media. To connect fully with our intuition, we need time in nature and with ourselves to truly pick up what is happening under the surface of the everyday. Follow your inner knowing, for it’s going to guide you exactly where you need to be.

Listen deeply because when Jupiter rolls into Aries, another initiating cardinal sign like Cancer, it will fan your flame, and you will be moved to strike out on your own in some way! 

While you may be on the shoulder everyone cries on. You’re now putting your phone on silent to listen to the Universe’s downloads to grow something that feels very important to you now. If you spent the first four months tending to your intuition and honoring your soul, this year will help you bring an idea or message to the world! Let your Spirit Guides light the way! 


You’re in the process of excavating the truth about yourself and releasing the rest. The South Node in Scorpio will be eclipsing in Taurus and shaking up your 4th house of lineage, family, ancestors, and your foundations. You’ve found pieces of the puzzle that you thought were lost forever.

This deep excavation has been happening for years, but the change is profound this year and leads you to make life-changing choices on every level. 

You see unearthing past pain and patterns that also uncover gifts, energy, and space for more of your own healed wholeness! This process is both heart-wrenching and freeing, and the North Node invites you to flow this process into your purpose!

As the North Node eclipses in Taurus, you will find that your 10th house of career, public recognition, and public areas are on fire! People in high places have been secretly watching you and now make themselves known! Opportunities abound and you’re more popular than ever!

Remember not to slide into people-pleasing patterns and allow others to manipulate you. You must choose wisely where you place your time, focus, and energy. You are multi-talented, but there is still ONE of you. 

The eclipses of 2022 ask that you let your wild side through your creativity and take a trip or two just for pleasure and adventure! Jupiter in Pisces asks that you work on releasing mindset blocks in the first four months of the year so you can fly! 

If you let go and keep choosing your creative freedom, you’ll be buying plane tickets to far-off lands when Jupiter enters Aries, mid-May. The Universe reclaims you as its sacred vessel and your spiritual gifts flow through with ease, especially when it comes to teaching, traveling education, and diverse cultures! 

Take that trip of a lifetime this year and possibly teach the dream class you’ve always wanted to! It will be well-received and the odds are highly in your favor for greater success! 


2022 flows in carrying deep awareness of love ideals, questioning romantic fantasies, and, if in a relationship, feeling recommitted and connected to your partner. For the single folks, you begin to pay attention to your romantic yearnings and explore the possibilities! For someone who is at heart, in service to others, this year is about receiving!

Your partnerships and relationships get a super boost with Jupiter in Pisces for the first four months of the year. You may have focused on being right in the past, but in 2022 you’re looking for a mutually positive win for all! Those around you who are worth keeping in your life will be grateful for your presence and share more gifts than problems with you this year!

South Node in Taurus asks you to add a little of the unexpected in your routines and wander off the well-known path!  Wonder and awe are present even in the most regular habits – it is your spiritual task to allow yourself to see, feel and experience it! 

This year you fall in love with the random moments and connections that open doors to other cultures, beliefs, and ways of being. 

May arrives, and Jupiter enters Aries and allows you to achieve this through collaborations. You shine in your dedication and resourcefulness, and you are sought out by business partners, colleagues, and others. You are at your best taking on tasks that may make grown folks cry and finishing them on time while you hum your favorite bachata! 

The later part of the year gives you ample opportunity to come out from behind the curtain and take to the stage with vigor and newfound confidence! You may not love the limelight, but by the end of this year, you’ll achieve a level of comfort that you’ll enjoy!

This year you fall in love with the random moments and connections that open doors to other cultures, beliefs, and ways of being. 


Your hard work pays off as you are nudged to add more extracurriculars into your schedule, lovely Libra! So much will unfold for you around your career or business this year that including wellness and pleasurable activities in your daily life will keep you nurtured to step into this next level you will be called into in 2022! The scales represent the sign of Libra, and balance is a theme for you this year. Be fair with yourself and do not overextend as it may affect you in the long run. 

Jupiter spends the first four months in your 6th house of work, daily habits, healing – having a healthy and sustainable job, environment and routines are in the spotlight. This transit will bring much growth and healing and set a new standard for self-care and managing your health and energy.

May brings Jupiter into Aries, and it’s a great time to focus on romance in your relationship or brush up your profile and start dating again! Express your love and release any fears of rejection you may be carrying. Stop entertaining the emotionally or geographically unavailable, beautiful Libra. The time for fun and supportive relationships has arrived! 

The nodal axis shifts and eclipses hold space for money pattern healing and the development of a new vision to increase your capacity for wealth! 

It’s time to trust that you are on the right track every time you honor and love yourself. It’s time to embrace how beautiful, deserving, and talented you are and let go of over-giving or any sort of co-dependence! You’ve got this, and this year might be your year for love! 


The South Node in Scorpio invites you to the most powerful of transformations in 2022,  indomitable Scorpio. You’ve been holding on to old ways to keep it together for others, whether it’s partners, expectations from family, or society. You’re ready to fly your power flag and do whatever you truly desire! 

We cannot keep all the old versions of our lives with us forever; it’s time to grieve, release and allow yourself to be who you truly are in this moment. If others do not agree, that’s fine. You are meeting new folks this year, and your family and friends will sooner or later adapt to it all. 

2022 is not all hard work. With Jupiter in Pisces for the first four months of the year, you are growing spiritually, receiving intuitive guidance like never before, and have plenty of space for pleasure and delight as well!

The North Node in Taurus and the eclipses support your need for more freedom and connection. This might create some tension, but new boundaries will be negotiated. 

Mid-May allows you to thrive at work and your bosses and colleagues witness you at your best! 

This is not a year to do it all alone, Scorpio. It’s a time to let your guard down and find healers,  communities, and support systems that allow you to be seen and heard. You will look back a year from now and smile at the profound transformation you’ve gone through! Like the snake, you’re shedding skin and rising from the old!


Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is in a blessed position as the year begins! Your desire to be recharged, safe, and nourished is powerfully supported as you start the year with Jupiter in Pisces. Your main planet in Pisces helps heal generational patterns, fosters connections with your children if you have them, and allows you to reconnect with family members you may have lost touch with.

Feeling nourished and safe is vital for us all, even the most energetic among us, passionate Sag! There is a difference between staying in a situation because you feel it’s the way it’s always been done and staying in a position supporting your growth and wellness.

You’ve had the Nodes and eclipse portals shaking you up for about a year and a half and now, and thankfully this nodal shift gives you more breathing room to rest and tend to your well-being! Notice where you may feel new and check in with how you’ve shifted. The 2022 eclipses will allow you to clear some deep beliefs about yourself that have held you back in the workplace so you can thrive in your career. If that means looking for a new position or job, so be it. Know that you are supported; research, check in with yourself, and explore options!

When Jupiter jumps into Aries in May, there is space for you to explore a new interest or path. Know that you have hidden talents that will be more clearly in the spotlight this year and that Jupiter will really light your way into something you are overlooking, even new love! Remember that the person you are today, looking for a new position or career or even a romantic relationship is not who you were 18 months ago. New you, new experiences!


2022 begins with a New Moon in your sign, inviting you to look out from where you stand at all you’ve accomplished and then look forward to what it will take to get to the next goal you have in sight! You will be in demand, and it will be wise to review and revise workflow structures and productivity at work and home. Your work and any writing you do will be well-aspected, so continue with devotion or begin! 

Be mindful of your tendency to overextend yourself. It’s important to be rested and ready for 2022 because the connections you make will follow you for some years to come.

This year’s eclipses impact the area of your chart that affects friendship, audiences, and all social circles. Your social life will look very different than it does now at year’s end! 

Increased creativity brings you onto paths unknown, and a desire to let the wild part of you out will guide you into private explorations. You’re a dependable, wise builder and may need to play and be free of responsibility, even for a night or weekend! Give yourself the time to step out of your powerful, put-together archetype because your alma needs it. 

Jupiter enters Aries mid-May and asks that you tend towards your roots and family. Expand it! Whether it’s friends, pets, plants, or books, it’s time to create more familia and connection! Jupiter highlights your Ancestors and lets you know that they have your back, and as the generational pattern breaker, you are set to thrive!  You are actively creating a new version of home deeply rooted in your devotion, commitment, and Ancestral wisdom. 


If you’ve been wanting to move mountains – or earnestly working on being a breakout TikTok star – this is the year! Jupiter adds glamour and even more flavor to your already tasty self! The first four months of this year are all about reaping the harvest of what you’ve sown — and it’s glorious! 

Feeling abundance starts within and it now manifests externally if you’ve been creating it! It’s time to explore Roth IRAs and other investments with your increased financial flow. The eclipses of 2022 will inspire significant shifts in your career, calling, home base, and public image. It‘s time to assess how you want to live and if your reality is aligned with what makes you tick, visionary Aquarius!

The key is to not harp on all that isn’t working or the ways you’ve been wronged. Healing is a process, but allowing yourself to receive support (therapy/healer/energy work) and then being in deep gratitude will create a powerful magnet for the life you’ve wanted to create for yourself!

Jupiter in Aries in May gives you a fiery boost – short trips, writing projects, and some exciting courses may be what you desire. It’s a year to say, “HELL YES” to yourself and an unapologetic, “No, gracias” to what is not in alignment!


In a world that says it wants magic – but often cannot deal with the work needed to heal and shine –,  it’s easy to feel like you are not appreciated and want to hide, mystical Pisces. 

 You may have sworn to stay quiet or not talk about what others do not understand this last year, yet the stars support you now more than ever!  Allow your sensitivity to be your greatest strength while wiping your rose-colored glasses clear. You can feel all your feels.

Forget the past, and, even if you don’t want to, learn new ways to manage your energy. Choose wisely because Jupiter, your ruling planet, is en tu casa! You’ve got extra mojo and magic this year! It’s important to keep healing and trusting yourself. Learn a new healing modality, improv, start painting or pick up poetry. Release judgment and let yourself play! Art for art’s sake. Play for play’s sake is yours in 2022. It’s time to let your Artistic Flag fly!

Throw out old papers and clothes along with outdated ways of being. Take classes that fill your spirit and go to that which makes you soar inside. When Jupiter enters Aries in May, you will be inspired to travel solo or get fired up and act on a dream you’ve been delaying. 

When Jupiter returns to Pisces in December, it’s a great time to allow your love, faith, and expansion to manifest full circle! Believe in your gifts. Don’t hold back. Use discernment to guide you to your people and allow yourself to give and receive fully again! 

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